Pocket Gamer Hands on with Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Tracy Erikson reports:

''When a business earns its first dollar, it's customary to save it in a frame and hang it on the wall. For NIS America, the approach is the same for its darling first game. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure comes to DS as an homage to the company's start and a testament to its emergence as a recognizable force in hardcore role-playing.

Originally released on PSone, Rhapsody is being retooled for its handheld debut with a new battle system, updated visuals, and a extra content. While we weren't privy to exactly what bonuses are being added to the game, we did get a good look at the new graphics and tested out the battle mechanics.

Rhapsody follows a young girl named Cornet as she endeavors to return the petrified Prince Ferdinand to his normal fleshy state. Cornet's ability to speak with puppets and play a magical horn that grants wishes puts her in a unique position to reverse the botched spell that landed Ferdinand is his predicament; of course, it's quite an adventure before she's able to save the Prince.''

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