PS Phone or PSP2? Sony Files New Patent

Sony has filed a new patent on June 26 2008 for a "hand-held device with touchscreen and digital tactile pixels".

Details of the patent can be viewed by clicking on the story link.

Pictures filed with the patent are attached, or can be viewed by clicking on the credits link to the Japanese news article.

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Condoleezza Rice3764d ago

So this might have some weight to it.

Condoleezza Rice3764d ago

I think that's what Sony will be considering when making the PsP2,there's a lot of Cell Phone gamers in Japan and the number is growing steadily but surely in NA and the EU.

Dmack793764d ago

I'm very curious to see what Sony has for the coming years.

ChrisGTR13764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

"Inventors: Harrison; Phil; (London, GB)"

hes secretly working for sony!?!? WTF is going on!??

why would they state him as the inventor under a patent 3 months after he leaves? something wierd is going on.

iceman28853764d ago

If he did all of the work and research and development on these patent applications while he was at Sony (and on Sony's dime) then I'm sure they own the rights to the Patent Application.

Strife Lives3764d ago

Its like Msft ditching the 360 now.releasing a new xbox now.everyone would say screw msft and go Sony. And brand loyalty will be lost to Nintendo. The PSP2 will hit 2011. This sounds like a iPHONE competiter.which in that case.Hell Yeah ! ! ! ! Count me in.

ChrisGTR13764d ago

k i just skimmed through it , its basically a ipod rip off. it has tilt senensors much like sixaxis and a touchscreen. so yea its basically a iphone ripoff. however , if they support it with games then ill be interested.

thereapersson3764d ago

This is how the technology industry works. Companies borrow ideas from other companies, but change them around just enough to make them fresh. Just as long as it brings something innovative or useful to the market, then there shouldn't be a problem.

ChrisGTR13764d ago

true. but i dont see this having anything to do with gaming though. if this were psp2 then its probably gonna suck as a gaming machine. you need face buttons in order for gaming to work. shouldnt sacrifice usability for just looks. i seriously doubt any games on the iphone are gonna be any good. just look at the NES emulator lol. half the screen is used just to emulate the buttons.