Pocket Gamer Uk reviews Space Invaders Extreme

Damien McFerran writes:

''There's something to be said for growing old gracefully. There comes a time when you just have to concede that you're just too old to wear trendy sneakers with drainpipe jeans and your thinning hairline simply cannot be coaxed into a scruffy-looking 'indie' hairdo. Alas, when you reach this point in your life you being to realise that you have no option but cast aside childish things and become a lot more sensible.

Thankfully, no one seems to have passed this advice onto Taito's Space Invaders. The seminal arcade hit from 1978 is instantly recognisable all over the globe but rather than be content to remain a fondly-loved relic of the past, this legendary videogame has kicked off its comfy footwear, binned the cord trousers and jumped head first into the modern era.

Welcome to the eclectic world of Space Invaders Extreme.''

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