Did Sony screw up the video game market?

Sony marketing concentrated on the fashion and trendiness aspects and targeted at the affluent 20ish male demographic. By the standards of anything that had gone before it was a massive success, but we know now that they were actually under-performing.

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Condoleezza Rice3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Final Fantasy,Metal Gear Solid,Gran Turismo,God of War,Twisted Metal,Tekken,Resident Evil,Crash Bandicoot,and about a 100 more AAA games,really screwed up the video game market.

PS360WII3760d ago

Read the article before you go all list happy. Being defensive is one thing but just ranting is another :(

kewlkat0073760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

...I see what they are trying to say though. No reason to be defensive. (Some will take the Title too Literal and go on tangents and defensive rants)

If Sony was a complete console then Nintendo would not be around still..Sony coaxed us into the 3-D console gaming era but moreso the hardcore.

Before Sony, that hardcore niche wasn't as defined, as it is now. Everyone and their mama played video games. Now we can generalize the PS3 crowd. Even the 360.

The real question is , Has Nintendo changed?

Not saying it's bad but the 360 and PS3 are not complete consoles. (I guess some will defend Sony but I understand what they are trying to say, again it's not a bad thing, it just means exactly what I stated above. That's why there is a little piece of the PIE in it for every competitor in the Industry. Nobody is COMPLETE.

TheTwelve3760d ago

It's very easy to sit back and point fingers at the flaws of what people did in the past.

Say what you want about Sony, but before they entered the game, videogames weren't as mainstream as they are now. Now that might be a good or bad thing depending on you look at it, but I'm sure that both Nintendo and Microsoft highly appreciate the kind of income they are receiving due to the gaming market.

Microsoft wants what Sony has in the gaming market, which leads to competition, which is GOOD.

The Wii is a phenomenon that is due to a cheap price point and being launched at a time the general public at large still had a taste for non-next-gen gaming. It also appeals to a casual market of gamers who---guessed what---likely owned a PS2.

Was there not just an article that tried to blame Sony for the casual gaming market?

Sony is the biggest leader and innovator in this industry and so they will get blamed for everything.

Blame them for the adult market.
Blame them for the casual market.
Blame them for making gaming mainstream.
Blame them for too many hardcore games.
Blame them for too much innovation.
Blame them for copying other people's ideas.
Blame them for not being next-gen enough.
Blame them for being too next-gen.
Blame them for the demise of Nintendo.
Blame them for the rise of the Wii.

I've seen it all. The big guy on the block is just an easy target to shoot at, and also good for getting hits.

I love competition and I love what the 360 and Wii are making Sony do for us PS3/PSP fans. But c'mon...don't blame the people who have carried gaming to a stage never seen before.


chasuk083760d ago

If anyone screwed up the gaming market its microsoft

Condoleezza Rice3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

"we know now that they were actually under-performing"

Hence the reason for listing Ps1 and Ps2 games considered by most to be Classics.His Article is based on Marketing of the product-NOT the Actual games that have captivated,innovated,re-energi zed,and defined genres.

So with that said ^,remind me again why I should care about anything other than the Games that were available in the past and will be available in the future?We are of course,talking about a Video game Console here,are we not...

See,the problem with a lot of people nowadays,is they don't look at history to understand the present and future.The Playstation brand has been able to maintain it's lead over the Competitors in the past due,primarily,to 3 significant factors;Variety of Games on the Platform(THIS,is what the Author of the Article should have discussed in his poorly written Article),features of the platform,and popularity of the platform.People would go into stores to buy a Playstation to play oh,say,FIFA.People would go into stores to buy a Playstation because their FRIENDS are playing FIFA.People would go into stores to buy Bend It Like Beckham to play it on their new Playstation.It was the domino effect that drove Playstation sales,great varitety of games,and popular with gamers and non gamers by offering features that both want.

Now,the biggest complaint about this gen is;The Playstation 3 is too expensive.But what misinformed Consumers and blind analysts fail to see is the simple fact that,not only have Sony ensured the Playstation 3s 10 year life span by providing cutting edge Graphics and a High Capacity Format from day 1 of the consoles life,they have also done so by enabling Online Capabilities and strengthening their Online infrastructure by re-organizing their branches.So basically;The Playstation 3,like the Playstations before it,has not sold hundreds of thousands of units on a monthly basis in it's first year of life,due to the simple fact,that is;The 'Future Proofing' of the System has indeed made the console the most Advanced platform out on the Market,the Technology used in the console,the most notable one being Blu Ray Technology,is what ensures the system will still be of major significance and garner support 10 years down the line.As we all know,Blu Ray Technology has yet to become Mass Market due to the Pricing and Consumer Awareness,and also primarily due to HDTV penetration.So the main 'knot' here is;The very same feature that ensures the Playstation 3s significance years down the line is the very same one that has made the console expensive for the average consumer in its first year of life.

So here's my question;2 Years from now,when HDTVs aren't the 'future' of Tvs but are in fact the Present,when Blu Ray isn't the future format but is in fact the present,and when the Playstation 3 is the cheapest and most advanced Blu Ray player on the Market that happens to host the largest Variety of games that touch on all genders and ages worldwide,my question is as follows;

What will be the system of choice for a families household?

CrazzyMan3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Virtua Fighter
Soul calibur
Gran Turismo
Jack dexter
God of war
Wild arms
Front Mission
Metal Gear Solid
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Dino Crysis
Devil May cry
Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts
Medal Of Honor
Ridge Racer
Tales of ...
Valkyrie profile
Grand Theft Auto
Team Ico
Crash Bandicoot
Ace Combat
Ratchet and Clank
Guitar Hero
Metal slug
Armored Core
Star ocean
Breath of fire

That`s why Sony consoles sold so much, over 100 mln. each! =)

NO_PUDding3760d ago

Kewlkat... why are they not complete?

Maybe you ahven't realised but Nintendo is reahing people that the PS2 didn't reach. Nintendo is opening up this whole new market, so maybe categorising these consoles as incomplete is a huge mistake.

Sony and Microsoft seem to be sharing a lot of market, and as the PS3 comes down in price (WHEN!?) Sony will start to share with Nintendo.

I think PS3 is in th best position here, becuase Wii is lacking it's core market and the other HD consoles are lacking the mainstream and extremely casual at the moment. I think it's wrong to assume from that that they are all incomplete.

hardmetal3760d ago

What will be the system of choice for a families household?

May I answer this question ??

It's Playstation 3

3760d ago
kewlkat0073760d ago

If we really had a complete console that did everything and was marketed towards every niche/demographics then there would be no need to purchase another console. the fact that somehow these 3 consoles are able to co-exist, tells you, all 3 have somewhat different strategies and is geared towards it's own market.

While the PS3 and 360 are more like each other in terms of technology, they are not really doing what Nintendo is doing. When you ask somebody ,they see Nintendo all by themselves and you wonder why? Some just do not put Nintendo in the same category as the PS3(for obvious reasons)

But the fact that Nintendo is successful and the console is selling better then the other 2 currently, tells you something. Or the fact the they have been able to survive in the midts of Sony consoles selling well over 100 millions.

What I'm saying is, SEGA and Nintendo were fighting for the same Market back in the early 90's. Sony came out of nowhere and really started to split the market(not because of bad games, I see people posting games list already) but they wanted to focus on more the Adult Audience with more adult oriented games(no not XXX).

So Nintendo had a choice to make(At least what I think)..they are gonna keep doing what they are doing during the PSX and PS2 years. Focusing on more affordable console, quality games, and that market- segment Sony is not totally focused on. While the PSX an dPS2 happened, it seems like Pokemon and Gameboy stayed on fire and kept Nintendo afloat.

Fast forward to Today, MS enters the industry in similar sony fashion as to what games and hardware they will be using, as well as the type of gamer. This in my eyes only helps Nintendo, as MS puts a little fire under sony @ss(with features, games XBL and such) while nobody pays attention to Nintendo.

That's why I asked has Nintendo really changed it's strategy? They are still here, not having the best Hardware, or much of, you would say hardcore games, but somehow they are still successful. Which brings me to the point, if Sony or MS ,while using their strategy catered their console with some of the Ideas and Target market from Nintendo, then we would not need Nintendo. Nintendo just would of faded..but they really don't and not that there is a problem with that like I said since competition/choices is good for all and that is why we do not have one CONSOLE THAT RULES THEM ALL. THAT COMPLETE CONSOLE.

Nintendo, MS and Sony knows knows there is something in it for everyone in the Industry.

NO_PUDding3760d ago

Yes, Nintendo have changed.

The introduced a new demographic to the video game market.

And Sony did everyone f avour when they extended games to the more adult end of the industry, becuase at the time the adult industry was minimal.

Nintendo ahve refocused, and come up with a family console. What I think si different is that slowly that mass market appeal had become more and more stale, and Sony saw Microsoft eating into some of that, becuase on it's own it was a market the Xbox coudl survive off of.

And Microsoft don't need to chnage. And their aims aren't the same as Sony either, it's why it;s not imperative that they ahve Blu-Ray, it just so happens that Sony can use it for games AND movies so it's a plus.

Regardless, Microsofts job was always to starve the Playstation, so they could prevent it becoming a media hub, instead of the over-complicated PC. Soemthign many technophobes would come to appreciate, and soemthign Mac is also catering for.

had meant to write more, but I am brign rushed off this computer, so I may continue later.

potenquatro3760d ago

Your Playstation history is a litle biased and mis informed. Your huge rant proves nothing. If you want people to apreciate history u should start with yourself. the PS1 was succesful because it paid for exclusives left and right. A lilte trick they learned working closely with nintendo. if it weren't for that, N64 and the Saturn would have done way better. The ps2 was succesful because of the DVD trend, and the all out media assault Sony provides. devs slammed Saturn for it being hard to develop for, yet the hard to develod for ps2 was ok somehow. I can literally see the money flowing under the table. the ps1 was the weakest system of it's gen, the ps2 was weakest system of it's gen, now the ps3 is the weakest HD system and people still claim the Playstation's superiority.

Sony has done a heck of a job getting it's massege across. I don't hate Sony i've had all three consoles. I got the ps1 day one for MK3, PS2 for Vice City, and PS3 day one for MGS and they made me wait forever for that game. But if you really have multiple consoles like i've seen you claim before, you know the PS3 is not more powerfull then the 360, the PS2 was basically a Dreamcast that plays DVD's, and the PS1 was not even as powerfull as Sturn or N64. Yet they get the "most powerful system" badge everytime.

It's obvius to me that Sony has their marketing act together. And it's also clear that is the main reason for the PS succes. I see it in the same way lousy music and stupid movies get played alot and are succesful. It's all in the marketing.

We have people spending $600 on a console, and complain about $50 a year. Devs not making games for Saturn cause it was hard to make games for, yet the same devs are making games for PS3. And lets not forget that EA the biggest publishing house in the industry did not support the Dreamcast, not cause of hardware, but business.
To say Playstation brand has been better and that's why it's succesful is a misinformed comment. Sony has done better business not better hardware. It's great they stay on top of things businesswise, but u stated better games, better hardware etc. and that is a misinformed comment.

MikeGdaGod3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

i buy PS because it has all of the games i like playing. that means it has the best games of any console, imo. from PS1 to PS3 this has been the case.

i don't care what the Wii caters to, i will never buy one. not even to see my gf play WiiFit in her draws. it doesn't have any games that interests me. i played so much Mario and Zelda when i was younger, i don't ever want to play those recycled games again.

games like FF and GT on the PS3 will be new to me because with such a diverse line up that the other PS's have had, i never played those franchises. when i bought DMC4, it was my first time playing a game in that series.

PS has the most diverse games of any console to date. that's why they have my support.

Hoggy19833759d ago

I think Sony's role in terms of videogame history was to exemplify how important it is to market your product and give it mass appeal rather than simply focus on hardware specifics.

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Let me begin by correcting the obvious mistakes in your post;

"the PS1 was successful because it paid for exclusives left and right"-This is the first one.The Playstation 1 was not successful because Sony paid for Exclusives,au contraire,the Playstation 1 was successful because of the availability of a large variety of games that simply were not available on other Platforms.Now you're probably saying,"But yeah,doesn't that prove Sony paid for them!?!??"The answer is No.Developers chose not to develop games on other Platforms because of one very obvious fact that even gamers nowadays know all too well;Nintendo had the harshest policy of Quality control on Software among all companies.Basically;If they thought the game would be either too violent,too mature,too difficult,and most of all,if they thought the game didn't feel and look 'finished',they would literally tell the Devs to either go back to the drawing board,or abandon the project all together.This strict policy caused Nintendos relationship with about a dozen or so of the major players back then,to turn sour.They simply did not want to develop games for Nintendo knowing about their policies,censoring,and restrictions.In other words:It was Nintendos stubborn and arrogant behavior towards Third Party products that led to Developers jumping into Sonys boat.
Now,if you remember your history correctly,then you will remember the Sega Genesis having gained mainstream success due to the now mediocre Sonic brand and extinct Streets of Rage franchise.Mortal Kombat,of course,played a significant roll as well.Back on topic;This is another reason why Developers had no incentive to develop for Nintendo;The brand name had been weakened by Sega,and with Sony delivering a box that was quickly becoming the new 'it' console,you can see why they had no reason to support Nintendo.

Moving on to your next mistake;
"The ps2 was succesful because of the DVD trend".No.The inclusion of a DVD player was a significant PART of the success the Playstation 2 had,the number 1 significant fact as to why the Playstation 2 had such success is,as mentioned in my earlier post;The presence of a Variety of games.You can deny this all day,but the reality is as follows;Out of the gate,the Playstation 2 had no major launch titles.Period.The ONLY launch title that was considered AAA was SSX.The rest?A lot of mixed reviews,a game that was hyped to be the next big thing,Summoner,failed to deliver on promises.Now,with this said,the Playstation 2 SLOWLY but SURELY started to gain AAA games,with the majority of the said AAA titles being timed exclusives on the platform.The biggest 3rd party one?GTA III.It should be noted,that Gran Turismo 3 was also VERY significant in boosting the Playstation 2s game library as being the 'AAA' console.So the point here;The Playstation 2 launched with much hype,a lot of people bashed Sony for not delivering on the 'Emotion Engine' hype,a lot of people bashed Sony for delays of games such as Gran Turismo 2000(Which,if you know your history,should know what this game turned out to be),a lot of people basically bashed Sony because the Sega Dreamcast at the time appeared to be the better choice for gamers.Almost 10 years now,we all know what actually turned out to be the better choice for gamers.

Another mistake; "But if you really have multiple consoles like I've seen you claim before, you know the PS3 is not more powerful then the 360,".Actually,the fact that I have multiple consoles is the reason WHY I now know the Playstation 3 can do more than the Xbox 360 in the 'power' department.See,here's the naked truth;Gears of War is still the best looking Xbox 360 title.Period.As a person who has spent countless hours on the game,loving every second of it,I can tell you right now without any hesitation;This game looks better than anything else on the platform.Now,let me reveal to you something that you may or may not know;The best looking Playstation 3 title is not,as many would claim,to be Uncharted:Drakes Fortune.It is in fact,Gran Turismo 5:Prologue.There is no game,in any genre,that I have played on my Xbox 360,that looks as good and as realistic as Gran Turismo 5.Now you might be saying to yourself,"But that's only 1 game!".Let me go back to Uncharted,the second best looking next-gen title available on consoles.Here's the thing;Uncharted isn't considered better looking than GeOW because of the character models,shading,etc.It is considered to be better looking because of the number of things at once on screen that LOOK as good and polished as the Character Models,crisp textures,you name it.
"But that's only 2 games!".Killzone 2,Ratchet and Clank,I could go on all day about games that multiple console owners will openly acknowledge look the best this gen.

On to the final mistake(I'll keep this short,I promise) : "but u stated better games, better hardware etc. and that is a misinformed comment. ".Now,as for better games,let me make this short;Nintendo had one of the greatest games of all time on the N64(OOT),with about 10 other AAA titles(Your Banjo Kazooies,Perfect Dark,and so forth).They had about,oh,say 50 AA titles.Sony had another game that was largely considered back then to be the best game,and that is,FF7.They had about 20 AAA titles.Now,for the kicker;They had about 150 AA titles.This goes back to what I said;Sony have won the past generations of console wars due to having the largest variety of games available.As for better hardware,I'll keep this short;Nintendo=Cartridge based.Sony=Disc Based.Consumers=Didn't want to get stuck with Cartridges.

Anyways,I've written a lot.

pumpkinpunker3759d ago

Most of those games were created by third parties and have nothing to do with Sony.

What is it with Sony fanboys that they feel a sense of entitlement given to Sony when a third party develops a game for their console? Most of these games would have been developed for the Dreamcast or Nintendo or the Xbox if Sony wasn't around.

Time to wake up. It's 2008 and Sony is in last place. Considering all the momentum and brand loyalty Sony had from the PS2, they are failing on a level not seen since Atari crashed and burned.

Chris Bosh3759d ago

I dont know if all of you people realize this, but everybody talks about the playstaion as there number 1 gaming resource.
Watchmovies, you will be suprised how many movies mention playstation.
Which means sony has revolutionized the gaming biz in a good way.

potenquatro3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

WOW condi. you sure like to write alot only to look worst. Where do i begin? first it's "potenquatro" as in "get on all four and take it" not potent. Sony paid Midway for time exclisivity for MK3 for PS1 the same way they paid Midway for timed exclisivity for UT3. The ps1 had horrible grafics compared to Saturn. Then u said developers choose who to make the game for? in real life on planet earth developers make games for who ever pays them. ur right about Nintendo's arrogant control over it's games. But if you can remember that far u should remember that Sony paid for FF games too. DVD for ps2 was as relevant as blueray for ps3. it's good, but not needed for gaming right now. u said Gears of War is the best looking game for 360? Please don't say dumb things COD4 has better grafics then Gears and it's a multiplat. hell UT3 for 360 looks better then Gears. You said so yourself the PS2 had no games at launch yet it outsold the Dreamcast out the gate. Thats what marketing gets you, not good hardware. You point out "my mistake" like your point is as infaliable as the POPE's but all you do is come back with stupid opinions, like the Gears of War is the best looking game on 360 one. I can do that too. "Spider man is the best looking game on PS3". See, even if you act like you know what ur talking about it still sounds stupid. You act like the PS brand got all those games on merit and not business manuvers, or just plain giving money away a'la MS. "then for your final mistake" LOLOLOLOLOLOLO. the only mistake i did was assuming you were a reasonable person. I see you turned to clasic fanboy style by mentioning games not even out yet. I too can name alot of games that look better on 360 then PS3 and viceversa. I wasn't saying 360 is more powerful then PS3, I'm saying PS3 is not more powerful then 360. I think they're even. in fact I think their pros and cons are Nvidia and ATI pros and cons, not Sony's or MS. And I too can tell you many owners of both that prefer 360.

I know uncharted is not the best lookiing game on PS3 i've said it all along. Your right GTP looks better. But even GTP is not the best looking game out, for me atleast. My point is, if you really look into Sony's succes story and history, you'll find a corporation making it's way to the top by practicing agressive business policies and not merit. I don't hate Sony for it, Nintendo, MS, hell even the 3DO did it. But to praise it like it's just constantly giving gamers what they want is imature and mis informed.

And to finish off........RELAX. Everybody and their mom knows you're the biggest Sony fan. I was just clearing that history for you. But i guess your attitude towards Sony is " If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right".

Dareaver13759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Well said statements, informative and shed light at a different perspective and let's you see things that you might not have noticed. Great comments my fellow Gamer....

i've said it before, but some of these fans and fanboys have a love or obsession with these companies as if the companies really cared for them. The speak such generous words about these companies and try to personificate them into reality. Most of them i think are delusional, and don't understand business practices.

It's a dog-eat-dog world in this business and if you don't duplicate/innovate what the competition is doing right, then you'll be left with your mouth open and looking stupid at the same time. Look at PSN firmware update 2.4. Sony is getting all this acknowledgement for copying/innovating what the competition has already done for over a year now (i'm including the movie downloads, other than that, 360 has done all that is offered on 2.4 since day one). It's like cheering for Second Place. It's retarded in my opinion, not only that, they are getting a lot of congrats for features that aren't even out yet.

Look at this article:

they give the nod to PSN, for what, it still can't do many of the things live can do, like cross game chatting, which is very important in the community aspect of Live. Sad, but most of these Sony fans can't see past the hype. Not saying MS and 360 are without fault, but my goodness, Sony did not start console video gaming, and certainly isn't the best at it (in my opinion at least).

cmrbe3759d ago

just posting to say its not wise to argue with fools. Guys just avoid these stupid stories and don't give them any attention. Bruce on Games you are a shameless hit whore.

Oner3759d ago

As per N4G's posting guidelines

"Posting Negative News

.....That some no-name-blogger writes a story about how much he dislikes console X, that is not news."

Since my earlier post was mysteriously deleted here it is again. Please report this "article" as lame/spam since it is clearly a biased uninformed VIEW and not fact. Also make sure to bubble down/disagree to show your disapproval.

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago

"Please don't say dumb things COD4 has better grafics then Gears and it's a multiplat."-No.The Frame Rate is smooth,the Guns and Gun effects look realistic-But the game simply is not better looking than Gears of War.It's hard to explain why GeOW looks better without a visual,see Attached images.

"But if you can remember that far u should remember that Sony paid for FF games too"-Actually,I don't ever remember hearing Sony paying for a single Final Fantasy Game as an Exclusive.Please provide a credible link or two,because if you think Sony were the ones who approached Squaresoft for Final Fantasy 7,then you clearly don't remember what happened with the Final Fantasy franchise(Hint;It has to do with Nintendo using Cartridges and Sony using CDs back then)

"I see you turned to clasic fanboy style by mentioning games not even out yet."-*Sigh*,I mentioned Killzone 2 simply because it is a game that looks amazing.You can spin this all day,but there's no denying KillZone 2 is a Graphically stunning game.

"You said so yourself the PS2 had no games at launch yet it outsold the Dreamcast out the gate. Thats what marketing gets you, not good hardware."-*Another Sigh*I have a feeling you weren't around when the Playstation 2 was being labeled a failure BEFORE it launched.This was during the time when everybody was screaming how much Nintendo would come back and crush Sony with the Dolphin,how Sony made mistakes with the Ps2,and most importantly;how the Dreamcast games would be better than Ps2 games.Imagine what happened when the Ps2 came out,and the Dreamcast had better games;Didn't turn out too good for Sony.The reason why they were able to come back from all the negativity was not marketing;It was the launch of AAA game after AAA game after AAA game.

"I'm saying PS3 is not more powerful then 360"-That is your opinion.For me,after playing GT in HD,GeOW in HD,COD 4 in HD,Bioshock in HD,and a bucket load of other graphically stunning games,I can state without a doubt;I have seen more Graphically and Technically impressive Playstation 3 games.

"Everybody and their mom knows you're the biggest Sony fan"-Ahh,if only you knew the truth.

Condoleezza Rice3759d ago

Ahh,they have nothing to do with Sony yet all of them were exclusives,be it timed or permanent to this very day,during the growth of Sony!

zane_78493759d ago

If you don't believe this is news, hit the report button at the top of the page.

thesummerofgeorge3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

I can't even begin to explain everything that's wrong with this article... I don't enjoy a console based on how many age groups it targets, and if the only option was lower grade consoles that were all family friendly wii's , I wouldn't play video games. What a moron... yeah Sony screwed up the video game market by not targeting enough of it? I can't even believe I'm seeing some people agree with this garbage.

Edit: And @bruce: to blame Sony, or any one company for the state of the market is asinine, it doesn't take a fanboy to figure that one out. And although hindsight is always 20/20 with these things (not that this article is even close to hitting the mark) the Ps1 undeniably revolutionized the industry and if it weren't for the success of th Ps1 there would be no xbox, and who knows how it would have impacted the rest of the industry we've all grown to love so much. It's too easy to sit on a high horse over a decade later and say how they did it all wrong blah blah blah.

reccodog3759d ago

Back then Teens and hardcore gamers didn't really have games to match what they liked, so sony just appeled to them. Doesn't mean they messed up gaming. A matter of fact they made it better by inroducing great games for young gamers. Sony and nintendo have great relationships and don't compeat that much. The company that really messed up gaming is Microsoft. Microsoft is trying to take down Sony, A good company, with dirty tactics. Microsoft is trying to monoplize the gaming industry and thats what is messing up the gaming industry.

littletad3759d ago

You are by far the most flip-flopping user I've ever seen, I can't help but think you conform your comments simply for the sake of agrees or bubbles or your really that critical. One thing is for sure is that it's getting harder and harder to take you serious anymore on any subject.

@Pumpkin.... Finally someone who says the truth. Sony was the market leader simply because of it's games, and this doesn't warrant the entitlements and praise that fanboys reflect on the company. They simply were the platform that just so happened to be the home of great games, that doesn't mean Sony is the best. One could call it luck, or a string of good decisions (use of cd's, dvd player, etc.). Without a doubt though, they revolutionized the gaming market.


Would you care to explain your comment? How exactly did Microsoft "screw up" the gaming market? And please try to be informative, and unbiased. If that's possible.

plenty a tool3759d ago

one word. no! sony didn't screw up gaming and infact have helped to mature it into the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today!

although imo the first two playstations have bred contempt within sony, and for me, it's been fun watching them get humbled this gen! with all the ranting before the ps3 hit, and their obvious confidence that it would be another runaway sucess. it's good to watch them getting slaughtered by nintendo, and only beating microsoft in one region.(japan doesn't and will never count for microsoft)

sony will scrape a second this gen. but i would think that next-gen will be even more difficult for sony. with nintendos run away sucess this gen, and xbox's increasing brand awareness, sony are gonna have a fight on their hands now with every successive generation...

flame on sony defense force.

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chewy3173760d ago

'Did MICROSOFT screw up the video game market?'

Just imagine a world without xbox how great would that be..

Pain3760d ago

Wrong title
'Did MICROSOFT screw up the video game / "PC" market?' .

Just imagine a world without "MICROSOFT" how great would that be.. just like if Al Gore was President ; ;

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

WOW!!! This PS3 up-date tomorrow has really got to them!!! ;-D

@Pain ;) 'Just imagine a world without MICROSOFT'...I DO! I DO!!! MAKE IT SO! MAKE IT SO!!! WARP 9! erm! ;-D

Did Sony screw up the video game market? NO

Did Micro$oft screw up the video game market? YES

LuHawk3759d ago

Yall dumb ass sony lovers knbow good and well Sony mess up the game Market DID SONY SCREW UP THE GAME MARET : HELL YES!!!!!!

AngryTypingGuy3759d ago

Microsoft pioneered the way for connected console gaming. All of you PS3 and Nintendo people would still be playing games by yourself if it wasn't for Microsoft seeing the potential in online console gaming. I know other attempted it first, but MS made it take off, and made it mainstream. Not to mention, the Xbox helped give gaming a more western/American feel...and thank goodness for that.

Sony helped pave the way for CD/DVD based systems. Nintendo 64 should have been Nintendo's first CD based console, but they failed to see the vision that Sony did.

And we all know what Nintendo has done for video games, so I won't even bother to say.

No company has ruined gaming - they each help to make the market more competitive.

FAQS3759d ago

Q:'Did MICROSOFT screw up the video game market?'
A: Wow soooooooo agree whith you man!...Your comment is one of the best comments I saw here!....

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Bruceongames3760d ago

Sony fanboys on here certainly don't like to see any criticism. Especially when it is the truth. If Sony had managed to get their offering right to reach mass markets sooner then the gaming industry would now be much bigger. This is irrefutable. It took Nintendo to show them how to do it.

Gorgon3760d ago

Except that not everyone cares for Nintendo games. You make it seem like going for the masses is "the right thing". Yes, just look at Holywood and their movies for the masses. I'll stick with independent cinema any day. You can have "the mass enterntainment" and rejoice in the success of HALO. Give me Shadow of the Colossus/Team Ico games any that over what MS has to offer.

pwnsause3760d ago

you claim to have worked in the industry yet these articles dont back those credentials up, if it wasnt for the PS1 in 1994, 30 year olds wouldnt have been playing games today, besides it was the first console that introduced games to a different more matrure age group.

Pornlord3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

You seem to be implying that Sony's PS2 console didn't broaden the gaming market by 120 million sold consoles. I'm not arguing with the points you've made, they are factual, but the assumptions that everybody wants to play a system that doesn't exactly cater to the needs of a mature gaming audience is presumptuous. I agree, the Wii broadened the gaming market. Nobody is gonna say otherwise without sounding stupid, but I don't want a Wii Bruce... nor do most of my friends. The DS is a great invention, gotta hand it to Nintendo there, but to say that Sony screwed up video game market????? That's undeniably naive IMO. They are aiming at those of us who grew up with Nintendo, 25 to mid thirties males who are now either aspiring to be in technology fields. There are different systems for different people. Nintendo did what they do EVERY TIME they release a system. They are not aiming at me, PS3 and 360 are. Why insult any of the brands like your article is seeming to do, especially with the headline. I did enjoy your article however, don't consider this an attack on my part, I'm just sharing my opinion just like you are doing.

Marceles3760d ago

Dumbest beginning statement fan ever likes seeing someone criticize something they're a fan of, it applies for ALL fanboys. Make a "Did Microsoft & Nintendo screw up the game market" article and see what happens as well...

Condoleezza Rice3760d ago

I was about to give you the benefit of the doubt,and simply assume that your Articles are laughable due to your complete lack of knowledge on how the industry has worked in the past and is looking to work in the future,but I now realize that you create such Articles for the sake of Flame Bait.This of course,makes much more sense now.

Now,going by your Picture,I assume you are at the very least,40 Years Old.You should not feel ashamed of yourself for behaving like the Youth of today in Gaming Forums,what you should do,is take a step back and look at how you're quickly losing Credibility as an intelligent Blogger.

Anyways,I encourage most to avoid his site as it is quite clear,his only intention is not to inspire a good debate and discussion on video games,but his intention is to simply offend a particular group of gamers.

Fanboy Slaughter3760d ago

Ok Bruce....just so you are aware, it is generally frowned upon to plug your own articles on this site. For that, you lose bubbles.

And it's not the matter of supporters of Sony not taking criticism, it's that you claim in your article one of the only things keeping Sony afloat is fanboys, and that's just insulting. Please keep your blog off this site, i've read other posts from you and not a whole lot of it is amusing to say to least.

3760d ago
doG_beLIEfs3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )


I have concluded that you are either

A. trying to get hits to your blog
B. have no idea what you are talking about

I am going to go with a little bit of A. and a supersize helping of B.
What is your marketing experience background? The videogame guy at Walmart who fixes up displays? If you truly had REAL marketing experience then you would know that without Sony making games cool again with the PS1 and PS2, Nintendo would not have had the chance to go after the casual gaming market.

So far the Wii has sold mid 20M. Meanwhile the company that screwed up gaming as you have said has sold almost 250M Playstations. I don't know about your math skills but to me 250,000,000 is GREATER than 25,000,000. You see there is 1 extra zero that makes the number LARGER. Nintendo puts out the same games with the same mascots and adds very little of anything new other than the price. Sony keeps older franchises fresh and constantly comes out with NEW ones.

I could keep going with reasons as to why you are an idiot and a loser, but are not worth my time.

Good day to you Brucie...and welcome to Walmart (oopsie, thats your line)

Serg3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Your article may be true, but also Truth is that Sony always wanted the Playstation to be a core gamers system, they said so.

"Sony fanboys on here certainly don't like to see any criticism."

Guess why, Microsoft hasn't done anything either and you haven't cared to mention this little detail. "But they have Viva Pinata" ... "Cool!" some 6 year old might say at this point...

I've read a few articles you wrote before... stop it. You're the Uwe Boll of the Gaming related Analysts, you have poorly written / researched articles and call yourself an expert.

I sure am no expert either, but I am not calling myself this way and never pretended to be one.

boodybandit3760d ago

You are pathetic.
Your distain for Sony is sad.

I am mostly a 360 fan before you start calling me a Sony fanboy. If any company is ruining gaming it's Nintendo.

bigmoney6173760d ago

"Sony fanboys on here certainly don't like to see any criticism."

looking at the responses on this article, no other true words then that quote, right there...

so so true...plenty articles prove it

potenquatro3760d ago

And all the Sony fanbois prove him right. bruce don't worry about it. they're the same fanbois that can't take critisism. they troll articles and offend or get offended all in the name of daddy Sony. Pathetic I know.

3760d ago
MikeGdaGod3759d ago

the Wii is a horrible game system.

it might be cool for 5 year olds and grandparents, but not for people that like GTA, CoD4, MGS, GoW, or Uncharted.

i have yet to see a casual game on the Wii that is better than SuperStarDustHD or High Velocity Bowling.

i would never buy a Wii or a DS and i had a NES, SNES, Gameboys and N64. i've out grown the games and graphics. maybe your still impressed, i am not.

GiantEnemyCrab3759d ago

Yes, that story will be full of people like you lot saying "HELL YEAH THEY SCREWED IT UP". Look at the comments in this article and it's already happening like comment 1.4, you don't even need to give it the headline you mentioned.

Gotta give it up for Bruce putting something like this on the Sony Asylum known as N4G.

Captain Tuttle3759d ago

Although a future of Wii clones and "casual", low tech, broad appeal gaming makes me shudder. It's an amazing business model that's made Nintendo a bucketful of money but if you're a hardcore gamer who's not in love with Mario you're left out in the cold when it comes to Nintendo. Hopefully Sony or Microsoft (I pray that both will) keep supporting the hardcore market. Otherwise we'll be stuck with upgrading our PC's every 9 months again.

Surfman3759d ago

bruce on games, your article IS pure fanboy. You dont like Sony, your article is stupid and we all hate the fact that you try to put blames on Sony even if they dont deserve it. You are the real fanboy here. I hope your 360 will burn your house.

zane_78493759d ago

Bruce you have done nothing of note, and your opinions stated in your article and here (if this isn't some message board opportunist) seem like generalizing afterthoughts. Sony did open up the market with the Psone,PS2, and will continue to do so with the PS3. While the Wii has been a great success in recent years, it produces money for pretty much one company exclusively. Nintendo.

Looking at the top selling games for the system, are these new exciting game series that have set the world on fire? For the large part no, they are familiar comfort food: Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros., Pokemon, etc. Wii sports and Wii Fit and the like,though quality products, are more akin to glorified toys. And a toy may sell well, and be great for the time and place it is released but it is not the kind of thing that can sustain an entertainment market. And the casual market may be great for the few games that push through to be mass market successes but leaves many unique or more artistic experiences left in the dust. Is this particularly good for the industry as a whole? The actual market that sustains the video games industry was built during the Nes. Era, the 16bit Era, the PC Era, the PSone Era, the PS2 Era, and is still being built today.

I have all three systems and enjoy them each for what they are. There is no reason that this industry has to be catered toward one market or the other. Nintendo for all it's recent successes still doesn't capture what many gamers today want. A good deal of people aren't interested in what the Wii is offering, so does that make these people less important than those who look similarly at the PS3 or 360?

There is room for more than one approach to the kinds of experience the console makers want to offer their adopters. Just like any other medium. The black and white world of your statements, simply does not exsist. To state in blinding generalizations that there is no comparable advantages to the PS3 compared to the Wii (or the outright ignored 360 in the article) is ignorant and false.

Your statements are ignorant and false.

LastDance3759d ago

I have NO idea what this article is trying to say. <---- was this guy you aswell brucie?

Do you think that the casuals will still be playing games next year? ....I know 3 people who own wii's and none of them still use it.
Casuals are CASUAL....but hardcores will always be there.

Ofcourse...Im just talking because i dont understand why sony screwd up the gaming industry.

INehalemEXI3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Seriously, It was lame no disrespect intended. No fact at all to back it up. For example...

"So now Sony are in a difficult position. Their current home console offering, the Playstation PS3 has no significant competetive advantage yet demands a premium retail price. It is mainly the cult of the Playstation and the attendant fanboys that sustain Sony in the market. But this is just a niche, a fairly broad niche, but still a niche. Microsoft, as the underdog, were far quicker than Sony to see what Nintendo had done and have massaged their offering in several ways to try and follow (let me but in 360 launched way before wii and PS3 I would hope they would respond quicker I fail to see what your talking about though.). However this market is ruled over by technological limitations and it takes two years to react in a significant manner."

A Bruce quote ^^^ from the article You say they(sony) have no significant competitive advantage yet demands a premium retail price.

This makes me question if you ever played a wii and a ps3 and compared there features as well. Think HDD... Think blu ray...Think an actual next gen chipset.... Free PSN network + Home incoming. The PS3 has plenty to offer that its competitors especially wii can't match.

Not even PC has Blu ray games yet and MGS4 is a perfect example of what Blu ray can do for games.

Yes Sony has done the following which make it the #1 system for hardcore gamers whom ultimately buy the most product.Many Hardcore gamers also started casually.

#1 Region free, Importers Haven 4 sheezy baby.

#2 Mod Support, You know what it do.

#3 Free Network+HDD which is needed to fully utilize online multiplayer etc.

#4 HD medium (blu ray) for games and movies larger higher quality games or even games+cg movies i.e. MGS4 :D

#5 Joint R&D that created Cell. That chip is the shiat. Supercomputer node farming scientists agree.

Honestly this is alot to overlook man and I could go on. The simple fact that PS3 is region free on 99% of its games makes it the best choice alone for hardcore gamers down the road granted PS3's Library is still in its infancy. Old time Sony fanboys know that it takes awhile before the library starts expanding exponentialy yet it snow balls after the consoles been on the market a few years.

True Fanboy's know what there talking about btw. They are the ones that eagerly seek information on a new console years before it launches.

Seriously Before you attempt to make such an article again think about what each console is bringing to the table for gaming. Nintendo fans have been waiting for an HDD forever now....

BTW Broad niche is an oxymoron... A niche market is a focused, targetable portion of a market. MS, Sony and Nintendo all have a slice of the pie. There own niche in the Industry.

Yes, we see Sonys niche is Broad so why hassle them when PS3 and Sony have shown the most improvement since launch in terms of what its console can do and its line up is arguably the most attractively controversial. They are the reason MS launched early and the reason Ninty's wii was so cheap. PS2 was the catalyst for there competitors strategy's. PS3 is in line to do even better then PS2 by the end of its cycle. Its got long legs.

reccodog3759d ago

I think you spelled Drugs wrong. its d-r-u-g-s not G-A-M-E-S. Bruceondurgs.

Are you sitting on any 360 controllers too?

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f0rk3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

U are a rasist

i tink it waz u or sumwan else. it was a guy ith a soccer player picha, but am sre it ws U.

he sent me a msg calling me a nig** when am not evn black

Also i hate ps3


-Maverick-3759d ago

LOL What???? I have a black BEST friend...he eats all the food in my dorm everyday almost ;p

BTW You need education. Badly. Why would I be messaging a moron again?

Stop making things up, oh brainless one.

Hagaf223759d ago

so all you have to do is set up your own website then submit your own stories which inflict the most amount of rage and you can call yourself a writer? bruce is just as much of a fail for writing this crap as microsoft is for not adding a harddrive then allowing mandatory installs.

-EvoAnubis-3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Sony is the one that made gaming as mainstream as it is today. If it wasn't for the PS2, the Wii wouldn't even have a market. Sony knows exactly what they're doing.

Edit: Then again, we do have to consider the source here. Let's look at some other examples of "Bruce on Games."

Now, taken in context, this article's meaning changes a bit, doesn't it?

3760d ago
Julie3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

seems like this Bruce guy/girl really hates the PS3, he/she have a blog or something? wow i don't understand why are people so evil against a console, i have all 3 and i like each one, each one is different, and have it's own fun. But this Bruce dude, "thing" is evil :(

I guess old people makes money from blog hits, mabe he does not have a source of money or a job , awww ...i feel down...

Fanboy Slaughter3760d ago

Yeah, it's pretty apparent he's got something against Sony altogether. I noticed that all the people who try in futility to support Digital Downloads and these supposed "42GB DVD" that won't work with any current player were bitter supporters of HD-DVD and refuse to let it die.

Just let it go.

The Wood3760d ago

more hits for that site just post the headlines and that will be enough. This guy seriously has something against sony.

Whoooop3760d ago

I think Bruce just want the hits to finally get sponsored by Viagra.

doG_beLIEfs3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Is he on the Microsoft viral payroll?

Is he just and idiot?

Or does he hate Sony because of some unknown reason?

I welcome VALID criticism, not fanboy flubber.

Good afternoon, welcome to Walmart I am Bruce and I am here to clean up your babies poopoo. I have vast marketing experience in videogame pop-up displays. I also am very good at cleaning videogame glass display cases. These valuable marketing skills have made me an EXPERT and a marketing veteran that allows me to have a cool blog where I can diss a company that refused to hire me after they caught me spanking the monkey to a Princess Peach doll

See Bruce? I can type up baseless doodoo too.

Go White Sox and go other team* (whoever plays the Cubs)

Julie3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

lol funny one :P

I was reading his blog , thing and i saw this "I'm Bruce Everiss, a veteran games industry marketer. Find out more". i went to the click and he only worked on a store who sold games :s is that a veteran of the game industry?...

MetalProxy3760d ago

WoW.. I must have hit a nerve. Truth and honesty hurt to much or what?