G&P Reviews Top Spin 3

Imagine picking up a game you haven't played, loading it into your system and being unable to score a single point, kill, or touchdown. Out of frustration you may have written the game off as mechanically flawed, never to give it another shot. However, had you given it some time and adapted to the control style maybe you would have gotten a few points, and maybe those points would have felt oh-so-good.

Top Spin 3 just happens to be that game, offering an authentic game of tennis on console. The new control scheme, though frustratingly difficult at times, is exceptionally rewarding. Career mode could be fleshed out a bit, and though mediocre AI and inconsistent matchmaking produce good games as frequently as the planets align, when they do it's sheer brilliance and a whole lot of fun.

Reviewer: Jeremy Steeves

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