Sony predicts TV and game profits

BBC News writes:

"Sony has said how it will make its television and video game units profitable this financial year as part of a series of strategic announcements.

It will cut production costs in its TV business this year and make investments aimed at taking over the top spot in LCD TV sales in the next three years.

The maker of PlayStation consoles plans to offer a film download service for the PlayStation 3 starting this summer."

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Condoleezza Rice3858d ago

One of their Key businesses is the Playstation brand,specifically,the Playstation 3.Sony have recently announced they will now be willing to purchase exclusivity,be it timed or permanent exclusivity,on 3rd party titles.


butterfinger3858d ago

be interesting to see some bidding wars for certain games. I'm sure Microsoft won't just back down in the fight for exclusive rights to games, so it will be exciting to watch. If I owned a 360, I wouldn't care too much about exclusives, but being a PS3 owner, exclusives usually (Haze excluded) mean quality (MGS4 included). Can't wait for GTAV on a 50GB Blu Ray.

Lifendz3858d ago

bout time they realized some 3rd party games are worth having exclusivity on. I'm sure 3rd parties will be happy that they can now focus on making a game that utlizes the PS3 and isn't scaled down w/o worrying about having to sell a specific number to recoup the cost of developement.

Pornlord3858d ago

Well, I'm not sure about a takeover, as long as Sony has been in business and as many products they have on the market, you would figure that there is a profit to be made somewhere. Also, with the new video store coming soon, they should be able to turn a penny from that. If they would work on Episodic Games and PS1 and PS2 titles, that could be a cash cow right there as well. Just imagine all the money from FFVII and Chrono Trigger, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus... they would make a mint without much overhead. Maybe that is where some of that PS3 money is going, to develop the old library.

coolfool3858d ago

I pray to the lord of gaming that episodic content isn't going to be the norm. They are frustrating and nasty on many levels.

1. you are happily getting into to a game when all of a sudden it ends. Oh crap, looks like you have to wait another 4 months for the next episode.

2. Hang on a minute, this episode cost almost half the price of a full game but only delivers about a quarter of the content. My maths may be off, but something doesn't seem right there?

3. I'm a dev. I'm not going to make a deadline, I know we won't release the whole game! We#ll release a part of it and while they're playing that we can work on the other bits.

Ok so this is a harsh critique of episodic content but it's safe to say that I am not a fan.

juuken3858d ago

...Holy crap, now they're REAAAAAAAALLY pulling the big guns out.
It's about damn time Sony.

Pornlord3858d ago

Agreed, why are talking over here and not in the gamerzone, did an Xbot put you here?? :P

juuken3858d ago

Yes, an xbot did it. >.>

Pornlord3858d ago

Well, I'll do for you what people did for me. I'll check the open zone when posting and I'll bubble you up every time it let's me :) I remember talking to you a lot during my week long stint in the open zone, it's the least I can do :)