Atomic Gamer reviews Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

Jeff Buckland writes:

''I knew Guitar Hero 3 was popular, but I was very surprised when I read that Guitar Hero 3 is actually pretty high on NPD's top ten list of the highest-selling video games since they started tracking them. Across all platforms it was released on, it's sold over eight million copies - that's more than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. When put in that light, I think you can probably expect to see Activision flooding the market with Guitar Hero products for a long time to come. The first of those since the release of the 2007 monster is Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, a somewhat novel idea in the rather narrow genre of rock-based music games. The back of the box will talk about doing things like drenching you in Aerosmith lore and giving you a library of great songs to play from these rock greats.

But it doesn't really achieve that, sadly. Sure, you get to see some digital, slightly cartoony versions of Aerosmith on stage as you get access to about two dozen songs from their long career as well as songs that inspired them or they just plain like, I suppose (otherwise, what are Stone Temple Pilots and their kinda-hit "Sex Type Thing" doing in here?). DMC from Run DMC is in the game and animated on stage as two songs include them - "Walk This Way" with Aerosmith, and "King of Rock". I suppose Run decided not to do the motion-capture work to get into the game, although you'll still hear his voice booming in on their songs - which just makes his absence on-stage that much more noticeable. As for the music from other bands, they're played by the stooge band that we saw in GH3, along with your same choices of guitarists from last year (with a few amusing extras that can be unlocked).''

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