FIFA Soccer 09 for PS3 will have exclusive game mode

An interview over at Gamespot with FIFA Soccer 09 producer David Rutter has revealed new information about the upcoming sports game. 30 leagues and 40 national teams are at your disposal this year, while the magic number of 250 key changes as reported before remain true. Highlights of upgrades from the previous year include improvements in "responsiveness, physical play and their affect through attributes, plus the AI." Different types of players are less homogeneous and you will have to utilize different types of players to achieve victory.

A Custom Team Tactics mode will be introduced where 11 sliders or criteria will allow you to determine how your team will play. There is also a promise of 140 attacking and 40 defensive options. The ever-popular Be A Pro career mode will allow you to play unlocked, meaning one has the option of a change of position and still gain experience. Friends can likewise choose to act as a teammate or opponent to the player in this mode. Lastly, Rutter promises a to talk about "a game mode exclusive to that system," referring to the PS3, later in the year. We'll keep you updated as details of the mode becomes available

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Time Lord5446d ago

we don't need blu-ray..............

Fishy Fingers5446d ago

Each version is getting their own special feature. Even the Wii. I'm not sure as to whether the 360 will get a game mode or something different as they have yet to confirm what it will be. But I very much doubt either of the versions PS3/360 even come close to 9gb so I completely dismiss the idea that this is all thanks to BR.

Domenikos5446d ago (Edited 5446d ago )

I want a soccer stadium in Home to play Fifa 09 with my PS3 Mii.

Relcom5446d ago

On topic: this might be the first year i buy Fifa over winning eleven

The Wood5446d ago (Edited 5446d ago )

ea had to hire old konami guys just to get fifa up to speed a while back. the last pes was a bit of a let down but i feel konami should be more familiar with next gen hardware this time around and pes9 will be back on top. fifa is always playing catchup

Harry1905446d ago

They aren't ready yet. Seabass said that the new engine would not be ready before next year,which means that the first great next-gen PES will probably be PES 2010.
There is nothing wrong with trying to improve your prodct and I think the guys at EA are doing a great job.
Why is it that Fifa is stigmatized?

Sheddi5446d ago

in that case ill be getting fifa09 this year and pes10 next year
pes08 was a disappointment

sonarus5445d ago

Yea PES 08 was crap and the konami guys behind it already admitted it. I am hoping for a true next gen PES this time around and won't be allowing PES loyalty to save me. PES has another chance to prove themselves so lets just hope it happens

ki03655445d ago

PES and FIFA are overrated, bring back ISS pro soccer 98 remake!!!

(yes i know it became PES blah blah)

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Condoleezza Rice5446d ago

FIFA is HUGE in Europe and other territories,so the Playstation 3 version being the high priority is not a surprise tbh.

Time Lord5446d ago

its EA biggest franchisee, I think it sells more then the Madden.

Condoleezza Rice5446d ago

I don't have the total sales figures of their other franchises such as Need for Speed and Madden,but FIFA is definitely in the top 3.

resistance1005446d ago

Fifa is EA's biggest seller, heck Football is the biggest sport in the world by a long way so it isn't surprising.

Still it would take something special by EA to convince me to by Fifa over pro evo

jams_shop5446d ago

fifa 08 has been my favorite sports game this gen... well is the only sport game i own lol

timmyrulz5446d ago

Fifa games are rubbish, they try too hard to repliacte Pro evo instead of doing what they were best at, the Last Fifa game was poor to say the least, bring back TIF

Rich16315446d ago

EA, supporting the PS3???? I think I am in shock! Someone pinch me, so I know if I'm dreaming!

Harry1905446d ago (Edited 5446d ago )

sell better on the Playstation consoles.

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