The Gamers Temple reviews Secret Agent Clank

Ratchet and Clank's first outing on the PSP played much like they're other games, only the overall game was shrunk down to fit the PSP (as the title suggested). Now in Secret Agent Clank, Ratchet takes a backseat to his buddy Clank, who takes on the role of a secret agent for this new adventure. Ratchet is imprisoned for having been charged with stealing a precious gem from a museum and hiding it in some unknown area. It is up to Clank to find the gem and clear his friend's name.

Playing with Clank has changed a bit from controlling him in the usual Ratchet and Clank games - this time our little robot friend knows Clank-fu, which helps to improve his arsenal of melee attacks. Clank also has several gadgets available to him for attacking and stealth purposes. He can use a tie-a-rang to take down cameras or his blackout pen to shoot ink at harmful lasers. Clank gets several newer gadgets sent to him as the game progresses much like Ratchet and his guns in the other games. He gets one gadget that will allow him to disguise himself as a hologram image of an enemy to fool other enemies.

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