Capcom Exclusively Killing Fighting Games with Street Fighter V

Power Leveled talks about what Capcom's exclusive deal for Street Fighter V means for the fighting game community and industry.

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mafiahajeri2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Doubt their sales on xbox were that substantial, don't forget that the player base is larger on ps4, also Sony is helping with the development too, an the exclusivity deal must have been enticing.

Last but not least Capcom/Sony both are japanese!

Magnus7012975d ago

Tournament standard for Capcom games has been Xbox 360. So a lot of sales have been on Xbox due to that fact. UMvC3 was originally run on PS3, but was switched to 360 due to poor frame rates and complaints from professionals.

FriedGoat2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

It is true that tournament standard is on the XBOX 360. But with ps4 having practically double the install base, I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter about the exclusivity now. The majority of those fighting fans probably already own a PS4.

MasterCornholio2975d ago

Even with that it still sold better on PlayStation.

Magnus7012975d ago


A lot of ifs. PS4 has double the install base of Xbox One. 360 will still be tournament standard for most games. Exclusivity matters for the millions of people that went one way or another. It matters for the millions of PS4 users that wanted to play the new Tomb Raider as much as it matters for X group to play X game. The problem in general is that exclusivity is hurting the game ecosystem and punishing early adopters. In the next year or two, we will see less and less exclusive titles as the incentives to 3rd party developers will become less lucrative than to release on all platforms.

pompombrum2975d ago

The advantage of this exclusive deal is that there now really won't even be a debate as to what format is tournament standard, everything will pretty much be unified on PS4. From a competitive stand point that's a great thing as all the competition will be located on a single platform. That's why I disagree with this article or at least the angle it's looking at. Don't get me wrong, it's bad for dedicated Xbox One owners but ultimately for the FGC, it's a great albeit selfish thing.

darthv722975d ago

This game doesnt really have the power it once did back on the SNES. That was a time when it was the ONLY way to play the arcade game at home.

but since then it was apparent that Capcom was more about getting as much out of this franchise as they could. which is what led to all the various iterations of the different releases for the plethora of systems.

So if this release is meant to recapture some of that essence of years gone by...good luck capcom. otherwise by the time i get around to owning a Ps4/XB1 there will likely be a super or ultra edition available.

in the meantime I will play the various versions i have now. SSF2T on the 3DO was a very excellent conversion that still plays well today. Or maybe I'll play some 3rd strike on the DC...?

DemonChicken2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

what about the people that converted from Xbox to PS4?

and don't neglect the PC fanbase for which you can plug in your PS or MS controller anyway. Hard to believe that xbox owners don't own PCs and doubt this will be graphically intensive anyway. If anything the PC version the PC may likely be better due to additional settings.

Please also factor in the fact like similar to the Bayonetta situation, we wouldn't even HAVE this game if Sony didn't step forward. This seems like a major plus to me, rather no game or a release at all? Pretty sure I know what all fans of the franchise would want.

breakpad2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

exclusivity is good and it exists to differentiate our preferances....the only bad thing from SFV exclusivity is that may Capcom will release (after a retaliation deal from MS) one of the most wanted Ips MonHun or DragonDogma exclusive to Xbone which will be a huge loss for PS4..i hope it will not happen

kowan2975d ago

Sales of all street fighter games have always been bigger on Ps platforms versus Xbox. Problems with ps3 versions can be blamed to poor optimizations in Capcoms part and or because of technical limitations on consoles, not because of the Xbox brand. Seeing as the Ps4 is in fact stronger than the Xbox One(how much stronger is irrelevant), is also more popular worldwide and the fact that Sony is ensuring and helping with the development of the game then it is only logical for Sf5 to be exclusive to Playstation 4.

darthv722975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

@demonchicken, It isnt like bayonetta though. the team behind bayonetta was shopping around the idea of a sequel. both sony and MS passed and Nintendo accepted.

Capcom wasnt shopping around a new SF game. they were approached by sony. capcom initially said there wasnt a budget available to make a new one at the time. but that doesnt mean there would never be a budget for it.

Capcom is/was still working on Deep down for the Ps4 so they could have had a budget for a new SF after that or if they were already creating a next installment of RE...they could have done a SF after that as well.

I dont think many were really clamoring for a new SF game to begin with. A new Tekken game would be nice from Namco or a new VF game from Sega is what i would like to see (personally).

The most surprising aspect of the deal is the only exclusive SF games for a PS platform are the EX ones. Capcom could certainly have kept that trend and made an exclusive EX4 and just left the regular game for arcades and home systems.

but it is what it is

@in the lab, i was referring to the craze of SF2 in the arcades and how it had the power to sell SNES systems when it was released. Since then, when capcom ported it to everything from the CD32 to the PCEngine it was no longer a "system seller" because it was on practically everything.

That is what i mean by it doesnt have the weight it once had. It being console exclusive implies it might be trying to garner that same level of attention but only time will tell.

InTheLab2975d ago

Things change. Fact is, SF4 sold twice as much on Playstation with over 4m in sales.


Pretty sure I played SSFII on the genesis.

also, the game is just as huge as it has always been. Name another fighter that has this type of weight and hype?

I find it interesting that the game suddenly isn't what it was now that it's not on Xbox...

Morpheuzpr2975d ago

Only SF4, UMVC3, Injustice and KI are run on xbox. Persona, Under night, Blaze Blue, Tekken, Guilty Gear, King of Fighters, Soul Calubur ect. are run on PS3.

morganfell2975d ago


The longest reply to the first post is an attempt, the second in the thread from the same individual, to downplay the impact and importance of this Capcom/Sony deal. It's laughable to see some people talking about how this game isn't wanted by a vast number of gamers.

"It is no longer important."

"It isn't what it used to be."

"It has lost relevance."

"It doesn't hold the same lure as previous iterations."

Where have I seen that before? Oh, right...

Enemy2975d ago

Street Fighter will always sell better on PlayStation. It's funny to see so many people blaming Capcom. Sony's funding the game, otherwise it wouldn't have been made. Sony funding the game secures all future versions of the game as well, since it looks like they're helping out with the assetts of the game as well.

Sorry guys. Want the game? Buy a PS4, it's that simple. Blogging about it won't change anything.

ShinMaster2975d ago

@ Magnus701

PS3 is not PS4.
PS3 was last gen. PS4 is current gen and will have better performance.

"So a lot of sales have been on Xbox due to that fact"

Hahaha no. PS3 still dominated the sales for all fighting games, selling up to double the number of copies.

mikeslemonade2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Tekken Tag is one of biggest competition fighters and it was only on PS2 and arcade. It came out for PS3 later.

Exclusivity has almost no effect on how competitive the game gets. If you're a tournament player a $400 PS4 or a $500 PC would be purchased just to play this one game

Exclusives are better for the gamer! Fact! Look at review scores when Final Fantasy, DMC, Resident Evil, and MGS were exclusive. Then compare them to the multiplatform installments.

AznGaara2974d ago

For Capcom games yes but every other game is played on ps3.

SilentNegotiator2974d ago

Tournament players don't make up a significant number of console gamers, though.

Infernostew2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

The fighting game community don't have any platform bias. The only reason 360 is played by SF4 and MvC3 players is because 1-2 frame drops on the ps3 version. Some of whom are moving to PC for USF4 over 360. With this deal PS4 will be the console of choice for the fighting game community.

PS4's fighting game draw is pretty good already with Guilty Gear Xrd and The Ultimate Edition of Injustice. Already announced for the future there's USF4, SFV, Tekken 7, MK X, Skullgirls Encore, DoA5.

PS4 will continue to be the definitive fighting game console, especially with SFV at the helm.

paul-p19882974d ago

I know most pros just use the arcade stick set-up, but I wonder if any of them tried to use the 360's dpad to play instead.

My mate had a 360, I have a PS3, we both had Street Fighter 2 HD. It was pretty even on the PS3 but he would always win on the 360 due to insanely poor d-pad, it was that poor I don't even know why they bothered making it! I don't normally rage when playing games but I almost snapped his control over just how bad it was lol

Gamer19822974d ago

Erm the game had a bigger install base on PS3 back when 360 had a bigger install base of consoles. So this arguement is just stupid. Xbox gamers now trying to claim they are more than just shooter fans now?? Gimme a break.. Nobody buys an xbox and doesn't buy at least one shooter game for it and that's because of what xbox is. However I know people with ps3s and now ps4s who don't own any shooter titles. All my 360 buddies all own either gears, halo or COD.

Xbox gamers really not gonna stop with these articles are they?? Tomb raider was a bigger loss as the last tome raider sold more on playstation PLUS MS also blocked PC sales which doesn't even affect xbox sales to a big degree. Sony havn't even done that. Remember MS also delayed the PC version of titanfall too? Oh and Dead Rising PC.. But lets just all have a go at Sony who only stop there direct rival. #bitter

solidjun52974d ago

@Magnus dude, SF sold more on the PS3. The switch had nothing with sales.

@Darthv: Not surprised you would say that Darth. Not surprised.

awi59512974d ago


The xbox controller is better for fighting games so that's not true.

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Tetsujin2975d ago


360 is more for 1/3rd person shooter tournaments

PS3 is more for Fighting Games

Not that they can't ever cross sides, however you won't see too many tournaments (Evo comes to mind) which will use Xbox yearly for 90% of the games; maybe once or twice every few years however not on a consistent basis.

Since I'm an active Evo player I can confirm this last year the majority were NOT happy with the Xbox switch; it wasn't fanboysim, nor to "start flamewars on the internet," it was due to input lag and frame/refresh issues along with the use of computer monitors. When Sony consoles are used you notice Samsung and Sony TVs, MS wanted to try something that looked better "on paper" which didn't prove to be very effective in the long run when it involves fighting games - it may work on other genre of games but not fighting games.

mediate-this2974d ago

You a evo player?? What nane you go by in evo??

NuggetsOfGod2974d ago

Most xbox gamers dont care. Only ps4 gamers who feel to rub it in and jounalists.

This not a huge deal for most.

The last one sold 3million with an install base of 140 million combined.

ROQFrost2975d ago

I love the exclusivity.

NegativeCreep4272975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Capcom practically invented the fighting genre with Street Fighter II, and not releasing it on Xbox One...they are effectively taking the fighting genre behind the stable and putting a bullet in it's head. Oh fighting games, you will surely be missed *Sobs uncontrollably* /s

LOL this new trend of fanboyish hyperbole regarding SFV on Playstation 4 is just becoming funnier as the days go on.

awi59512974d ago

NO there were lots of fighting games before capcom.

Muzikguy2974d ago

I'm not a big SF fan but I can see why someone would like the exclusive deal.

I agree. These "journalists" that sensationalize every piece of news they can get their hands on is ridiculous. I haven't heard anyone calling doom and gloom for an ENTIRE genre because of this one move by Capcom but this joker.

Relientk772975d ago

Definitely a big exclusive to have

CocoWolfie2975d ago

yeah! thats why i think this article is kinda... bait

Lev19032975d ago

Wellll...nooo. Its also on pc. I dont think alot of xbox or wii u owners gonna buy a ps4 just to play this game if they can play it on the pc. That why the reason why alot of xbox or wii u owners are not in oproar like tomb raider.

If it was limited to the ps4. Then yes it would be a big deal imo. But idont see the point of this at all. Son would have done better to make a ps4 excuslive for a year and then bring it on the pc.

Its not a big deal imo.

eferreira2975d ago

You think the average consumer will just buy it on the pc if they don't have a ps4? No, not in this world

Lev19032975d ago

You think they will spend 450 dollar/euros for a fighting game when they have a capable pc? Or buy another console just for this? Only the die hard fighting gamers will buy it on the ps4.

Btw sv5 will have a fierce competetion next year. Mkx and doa will be on xbox also. I will wait and see how this unfolds.

saint_seya2974d ago (Edited 2974d ago )

Then why a person would expend money on a xbox one, if they can play dead risin 3, titan fall, ryse on pc with better/= graphics?
You are saying that those bought a xbox to play those games because they didn't have a gaming pc, but now they wont buy a ps4 because they got gamming pc's?

jahcure2974d ago

@Lev1903, i won't keep you waiting as long as next year.

MK8 AND DOA on Xbox, will not even sell half as much as SFV on the PS4...COMBINED. Save my comment, ignore whatever you will.

But please don't wait on those games to "see" how things go. Street Fighter is THE BIGGEST fighting title in the world.

Even Killer Instinct has gone the way of clay fighter..and that's exclusive on xbox.

Lev19032974d ago

Because XBOx got halo, forza, fable Quantum Break, Sunset overdive etc.
These other exclusives are welcome(it was also timed exclusive). But its not a systemseller. Thats why the ammount of xbox sold didnt really excel with the titanfall bundle. And i remember alot of PS fans making fun of the sales of the XBOX during titanfall release. But when PS4 does the same thing its suddenly."everbody is gonna buy a PS4 for this game just watch"and "SF5 is gonna outsell every figting game combined".

Didnt you guys make fun of MS because the games they brought out was also available on PC. And said it was not a real exclusive? So Sony does the same and it is a BIG MASTER UBER EXCLUSIVE and its the master move on sonys behalf.

Yet again the hypocrisy of the Sony fans shows itself. I think you guys are hilaourus.

awi59512974d ago


Oh they will play on PC if they mod in support for the huge fight sticks pros use.

awi59512973d ago


Yes because 4 months after launch you will be able to pick it up on pc for cheap like all pc games.

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JoeIsMad2975d ago

Fantastic article, but most people won't fork out the cost because they already own a PS4. The only people who don't likely bought the Xbone for KI.

Hi3i2975d ago

Can't wait damn I have to buy a ps4

FriedGoat2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

But then he'll miss the PS4 exclusives.

PC makes a good XBOX replacement. You can get RYSE, Titanfall and Dead rising on there already.

GiggMan2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

I'm sure most people have a PC...

Mine is fine for work and everyday use. I wouldn't buy a PC for SFV when you can get it on PS4.

Snookies122975d ago

It would cost a good deal more to buy a gaming PC over a PS4, just saying...

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