Fallout 3 Producer Disappointed in Diablo 3

Bethesda Softworks' Ashley Cheng, the Producer of Fallout 3 stated his disappointment of Diablo 3's announcement on his blog in a post entitled "When the ship runs out of ocean."

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Daver5382d ago

yes who cares... Diablo 3 will be much better than fallout 3

Skizelli5382d ago

I think Diablo 3 and Fallout 3 will both be great games. No sense it making it a "who has the biggest d#ck" contest.

HateBoy5382d ago

Diablo 3 obviously has the biggest d%&#).

JsonHenry5382d ago

I'm going to own both games from both companies. So really, I don't care who is saying what as long as their games come out.

mralexander5382d ago

the photo of his face is disturbing.

mikeslemonade5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

Diablo 3 is pure nostalgia and completely overated. I will put Diablo 3, RE5, GTA4, and Star Craft 2 to the most overated games.

Statix5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

Who really cares what Rubber-Johnny-face thinks, anyway?

Fallout 3 is one of my most anticipated games of the year, and I'm sure Diablo 3 will have a lot of followers when it comes out also.

N4Gisbiased5382d ago

That's one ugly motherf*cker.

liquidsnake5381d ago

Diablo 3 in all its glory, but If Fallout 3 is anything near Fallout 2 its gonna be daaaamn good.

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StillGray5382d ago

I think it's seriously ironic that Bethesda should say this about Blizzard, considering how they've been developing the same damn game since 1994 (Arena) and haven't really innovated anything since then, if only to make things dumber and more 'streamlined' with each new game they've released.

TheSadTruth5382d ago

Oblivion was a step down from morrowind, just better graphics

you're definitely right

Domenikos5382d ago

Or ull be the dumba$$ of the party...

mistertwoturbo5382d ago

Here we go again... Why cant these developers just worry about making their own games.

Relcom5382d ago

Jealous much Bethesda?

I wish that Fallout 3 was Isometric and not Oblivion with guns. Will i buy Fallout 3? Yes, because my love for the old ones makes me have to. That doesn't mean during the whole game i will say "Black Isle" did it better.

MK_Red5382d ago

Bubbles for your my friend. If Bethesda was making Diablo 3, it would have been a first person game known as Oblivion with Diablos!

Also, Black Isle or Blizzard > Bethesda. (IMO, Black Isle (RIP) > ALL).

mepsipax5382d ago

I think that Bethesda is jealous, but the article is not that bad he just said he was dissapointed that they're keeping with traditional diablo and starcraft, um yeah well that's why we play them, it's not like it's Diablo II with 3d graphics, It's got all new items, characters, worlds, sequels are usually made for the fans there bethesda maybe you should learn a thing or two, or maybe your just a lazy idiot who wants to make a good dollar off an amazing franchises name, plus you are making it first person just so you can release it on the consoles, because you want more money, and an isometric game wouldn't do so well on a console, well guess what bethesda I'm dissapointed in you, why don't you go on ruining the once classic Elder Scrolls franchise, and stop messing with my fallout.

Closing5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

Bethesda improve things for the times! I mean video games have nothing to do with Technology after all. How dare they give us choice between 1st, and 3rd person views to give us the best view possible! I for one am outraged! Man do I miss the 8 bit era, when I couldn't tell what the F I was looking at, but even then the 2 bit guys were telling me how much cooler their outdated technology was than my cutting edge stuff. In fact lets just stop making new games altogether, and just play our old ones over, and over, and over again.

mepsipax5382d ago

@closing, um, what, let me ask you a question have you even played Elder Scrolls 1-3? if you have then you will see what a hollow shell Oblivion is compared to them. A choice of first person or 3rd person. And also have you played Fallout 1 and 2 if you have, then you realize that just because games are getting more technologically brilliant doesn't make them a better game, I don't even know where to start on that comment, what, since your playing an 8bit game means that anything below that sucks? I encourage new games, but when you create a game (fallout III) that does nothing but piss the ORIGINAL fans of the series off then what the hell is the point?

Charlie26885382d ago

@mepsipax: don't bother dude a good amount if not the majority of the people that comment in this Bethesda Fallout 3 articles have never played any fallout game and neither do they even understand the change that is being done to Fallout 3 from the previous ones and they keep on posting comments that reflect that like the user Closing there that even when people tried to explain the situation to him last time he seems unable to get it

so yet again God forbid the Closing from understanding the subject at hands...sigh

Closing5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

Being pissed about it incorporating systems to keep up the the current standards that can only heighten the emersion is absolutely retarded. I see a lot of people playing the whole pseudo I'm a true fan card. For example I've been a huge MGS fan from day one, but did you see me moaning when they incorporated a camera system that helps break down that this is only a game barrier? Or how about when they improve the shooting system so that I have better accuracy? I see this close mindedness all the time in music, and everything else, but if you don't like progression, and want the same thing over, and over than just stick with the first record, and quite the complaining. There's no point in doing a sequel if you're not trying to improve, and change things, and if they didn't then logical people would really complain saying, "this is blah blah blah 1.5 I feel ripped!" True fans are the ones who at very least give the creators a chance to change, and improve.

God forbid you Charlie try, and grasp some simple logic of what I'm trying to explain. Honestly you can think what you want but don't expect there to be no opposing views on a subject as old as time or that I don't know enough to form a basis on a subject from a million other sources.

mepsipax5382d ago

wow, just wow, we were discussing the problems with bethesda and fallout and oblivion, and now you seem to be going on and on about innovation in games, well, first off Oblivion was a step back from Morrowind, MGS4 while has an awesome story/graphics/presentaion has gameplay that doesn't really innovate at all, of course we want a new game, but we also want sequels to game we have enjoyed in the past, so what the hell is the point in calling Fallout 3, Fallout 3? why not just making it a post apocalyptic fps in the style of Fallout, I would probably love it if it wasn't trying to claim the unattainable throne of fallout 3, man, you are obviously a console fanboy, innovation in games is dead anyway. And what about letting the creators do what they want with it, I have no problem with Blizzard or Valve messing with their classic franchises but when some random company that has nothing to do with the original developers starts making the original developers game and f#cks around with the whole gameplay style (no turned based combat, first person,) then it's obvious they're just trying to make floads of money and don't give a rats ass about the original fans. I'm done after this next question have you ever played the original fallout/elder scrolls games? If so then you are blind and do not see the killing (how was oblivion better than morrowind and how will Fallout 3 be better than fallout 2), and if no, then shut up.

Closing5382d ago (Edited 5382d ago )

I definitely see what you're saying, but at this point we don't really know what this game has to offer, and to count it out due to its name frankly seems a bit shallow since you admitted yourself the game shows a lot of promise. If Fallout could have gotten the rights from EA for the name Wasteland then they most likely would have. Now you asked if I played the other games, and the answer is no, but I've been in your shoes before, and I can relate. However not matter what you feel it's not your game, and you don't own the rights to the game, and if they sold it to people who genuinely feel they know what's best for the franchise then thats their business.. You don't know what's in the Bethesda hearts. I'm on the end where I've heard what they've done to the system, and it doesn't seem like I big deal to me personally or that it can be anything, but helpful. I think as long as you get the same type of feeling while playing it, and the story-line continuation feels natural than they've done their job. That aspect can only be told when you ACTUALLY PLAY the game, and that's something you can tell me once you played it since you played the others. Lastly you saying innovation is dead in games is about the silliest thing I've ever heard. There's always going to be innovation. Seriously get over yourself man.

mepsipax5382d ago

alright, that's fair, but Bethesda only got fallout rights because Interplay was closing due to money problems so the sale wasn't in the best interest of the franchise, as for innovation being dead, it is (on AAA titles) there is too much money getting spent on games nowadays that publishers will not allow developers to go outside the box, while there will be a few games coming out with a few innovative features, there will never be a title that will kick you in the teeth with innovation, you can only innovate so far. And I've said it before and I'll say it again, Fallout III won't be a bad game it just will be a kick in the balls as a fan of the franchise.

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