Nintendo games are too expensive

Whether it’s due to a lack of permanent price cuts and sales, or simply compared to the fierce competition, Nintendo games are too expensive.

"Somehow, they are maintaining the value of their products better than any of their competitors. Maybe they are manufacturing fewer copies of games to keep them pricey, maybe they are just being stubborn about price cuts, or maybe they’re just failing to realize that they can reach a much larger audience if they lower their prices."

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Neonridr3485d ago

Nintendo made games carry a premium price because they are the best games on that specific console (minus a few 3rd party gems here and there).

Most Wii U games clock in at $59.99 here in Canada with the premium Nintendo games ringing in at $64.99. A PS4/Xbox One game is $69.99.

Are you telling me that Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World, Zelda, Smash Brothers, etc aren't worth the equivalent price of Sony or MS games?

Can't really understand that logic...

randomass1713485d ago

The article is talking about Nintendo games that have been on the market long after launch still having high prices. But I don't get why this author waited to write this when Captain Toad just came out at $40...

iplay1up23485d ago

Also Captain Toad is getting great reviews. It looks fun (have not played it), for $40 bucks I will probably pick it up.

Nintendo addressed this type of comment like a year ago or so, they said something like,this is not a quote, Our games are some of the best out there and they retain their value for long periods of time. Then Nintendo went on to bash 3rd parties for not making games the same caliber, and said that's why they have to price cut sooner than they do.

I am not saying I agree %100 with that, I am just recalling what Nintendo said a while back.

Neonridr3485d ago

gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.

darthv723485d ago

You mean games like Mario 64, Zelda OOT and the like. yeah i see them in used game stores going for roughly the full retail value.

i guess nintendo made games hold their value more than others. This could be due to the nostalgia factor or the quality they are developed with. They seem to have a long standing ability to deliver on fun even generations after their original release.

Of the retro systems and more modern ones...nintendo games seem to rake in the most $$. Next to that would be US sega saturn games and certain key PS1 and DC games. the more obscure...the $$$$.

mikeslemonade3484d ago

WiiU games should be $49.99. They cost less to make. Why are Indie games cheaper?

LonDonE3484d ago

I think Nintendo games hold their value because people just dont trade them in! simple really because Nintendo games are usually some of the best made games around and people love to collect them and replay them and so do not trade them in which makes the few used copies sell for allot more.

Trust me it has frustrated me too, i dont see why a new copy of say Mario 3d world after all this time should still be £30 that's ludicrous! but it is what it is, nintendo games are evergreen titles! they sell constantly over times and dont drop in price either.

I dont think its fair, Nintendo should sell the games cheaper after they are a few months old like everyone else.

freshslicepizza3484d ago

nintendo wants to keep the value up. its why they are so vocal against mobile games. they purposely keep the prices high and sometimes that works because some of their games remain strong in sales long after release. the problem is nintendo lives in a vacuum and thinks they have to do this most of the time. even all the black friday deals saw the wii u having the least impact because nintendo is more worried about profits than trying to undercut the competition. the wii u is selling the worst of the three but nintendo doesn't care, they care about remaining profitable and they know they have enough die-hard fans out there to keep them going.

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schlanz3484d ago

The author of this article sounds like an entitled gamer too used to feeling like games should automatically be discounted a month after release. A lot of the industry has to do this because the sales drop of very significantly after the first month or two. Nintendo games sell well throughout their system's lifetime so they don't need to resort to price drops to sell more copies after launch. Nintendo is fortunate in this regard. Late adopters of their systems will buy a lot of the back catalog, even at close to full price.

The other part of the equation is that Nintendo games don't flood the pre-owned market so the new game prices aren't diluted as much as other games which quickly become a play it once and trade it in scenario.

Nodoze3484d ago

Nintendo knows that their products are the top draw for their console. The value of the software remains constant, and in many cases increases.

As for being too expensive, I disagree. Value is relative, and in the case of Nintendo is very high.

If you are a savvy consumer you can pickup nintendo titles at discount. B1g1 40% off deals, B2g1 deals etc. I picked up 4 or 5 games for a discount this year with a few of these sales.

tinkypop3483d ago

@got hd game
If devs are worried about used game sales, they should make better games

"We have been very clear, we understand that used games are a way for some consumers to monetize their games," Fils-Aime said. "They will buy a game, play it, bring it back to their retailer to get credit for their next purchase. Certainly, that impacts games that are annualized and candidly also impacts games that are maybe undifferentiated much more than [it] impacts Nintendo content. Why is that? Because the replayability of our content is super strong. The consumer wants to keep playing Mario Kart. The consumer want to keep playing New Super Mario Bros. They want to keep playing Pikmin. So we see that the trade-in frequency on Nintendo content is much less than the industry average – much, much less. So for us, we have been able to step back and say that we are not taking any technological means to impact trade-in and we are confident that if we build great content, then the consumer will not want to trade in our games."

kythlyn3485d ago

It just seems that they are a rarity in this business in that they are practically immune to price cuts. We all expect games to launch at $59.99, but we also expect sales and discounts in the months or years that follow. Somehow, Nintendo games remain at full price much longer than their competition.

Neonridr3485d ago

like Apple products... big sale for them is like 10 bucks off.. ;)

ape0073485d ago

nintendo games along with R* North and ND games are worth more than 60$, you're getting polished amazing games

kythlyn3485d ago

The issue of whether the games are worth $60 isn't in question; we know Nintendo makes great games! But even great games go on sale, and often in the case of Nintendo's competitors.

theizzzeee3484d ago

He does have a good point. I guess they feel they make the most money that way. Maybe that's not the best way to go. Who knows.

NotAfanBoyy3484d ago

Personally, I think games on ALL platforms are too expensive if...

1) It's not a physical copy
2) It's incomplete and requires you to purchase DLC
3) It requires an Internet connection to play
4) It's remastered by simply stretching the resolution and adding some lighting filters

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