Buzz! Quiz TV first Blu-ray PS3 game to support Trophies and Firmware 2.40

VG247: Sony's confirmed that Buzz! Quiz TV will be the first released Blu-ray PS3 game to support Trophies.

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LSDARBY3859d ago

So much for 70% of games already being supported lol. I hope we get Pixel Junk Eden soon.

Tomdc3858d ago

Yh! when it comes out I wont have a single game that is supported!

Rama262853859d ago

I'm even happier now, cause I've already pre-ordered Buzz! :) I'll be able to earn my first trophy this weekend and I hope it'll be the first of many. See you all on the next level ;)

I wonder if this will help with the sales a bit? I'm sure a couple people will pick this game up, just so that they can try out the trophy system and start collecting.

Marty83703858d ago

Have mine pre-ordered also.

Ace-Jury3858d ago

its not the type of game i would normally buy but i know i would have a lot of fun when others want to play it.

v1c1ous3858d ago

the ps3 needed it's burger king game equivalent.

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