SOCOM: Confrontation to see one month delay?

According to GameStop, SOCOM: Confrontation has had its release date pushed back an entire month in order for the team over at Slant Six to remove any technical issue that may still be lingering with the game.

This news came to light when preorder customers received phone calls notifying them of the change of release.

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Condoleezza Rice3760d ago

More dev time will ensure a better overall product.

CBaoth3760d ago

it might not be such a bad idea (GS voiced concern over a stuttering framerate issue). Plus, the local Gamestops never allowed me to pre-order it since the SKU was never activated - so I've known for awhile now something was amiss. But man I need that new headset though.

butterfinger3760d ago

I'm mostly just disappointed that I'll have to wait another month for the headset:P I'll occupy myself with tons of MGO and COD4 until then. I'm also wondering how SOCOM sales will be affected by the release of LittleBigPlanet.

Domenikos3760d ago

Its a month you troll. Not a year ;)

HighDefinition3760d ago

Delays FTW, F**k being impatient.

Being Impatient is the curse of the gaming industry, hence the RROD.

Lifendz3760d ago

with the RROD being the ultimate example of what happens when you rush.

highdro3760d ago

not all the time that more dev time means a better game. does HAZE ring aa bell !-_-!

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theKiller3760d ago

the delay mean better quality unlike MS who rush out everything just to compete with sony (NG2), i h ope they wont release it near resistance 2!

highdro3760d ago

one month is not a bad delay, but any more delays after that then im gonna start asking question. -_-

wolfehound223760d ago

More dev time is always a good thing and it can always be good for a game, but I just wish developers would not set release dates so early. Why not wait till a month or 2 prior than come out with the release date. I do not mind them getting pushed back this can only insures a better product, but just quit offering up release dates so early.

I am not sure if there was ever a concrete date set by Slant Six. So I am not necessarily bashing them just wish more developers would hold there tongue on release dates till they are more sure of them.

brn3760d ago

the Qore beta? Will it ever happen?

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The story is too old to be commented.