Assassin’s Creed Unity’s next patch aims to fix most remaining problems

As many gamers are well aware of, Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed Unity was just shy of total catastrophe at launch. The game was subject to fierce criticism regarding its extremely buggy state and wildly unstable framerates, among many other issues.

Fortunately, the company's development team has been hard at work on a patch, trying to make amends for their earlier transgressions.

According to a post on Ubisoft’s Live Updates blog, the next patch (the 4th since Assassin’s Creed Unity‘s launch) is aiming to fix most of the game’s remaining issues - namely framerate, game crashes, legacy, and companion app issues.

Ubisoft states that Assassin’s Creed Unity‘s Patch 4 should be released fairly soon, however the publisher has not disclosed an official launch date at this time.

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Hendrickson2484d ago

I like how they use the word *most*. Okay so it will fix most bugs - aka it will still have bugs.

DesertFoxJr2484d ago

Ubisoft needs to hire a team of professional exterminators to clean out all of Unity's bugs.

rdgneoz32484d ago

They need to respect their fan base and release games that are not broken to hell, just so they can make a quick buck.

KrisButtar2484d ago

Good news for those who have been having problems with the game

DanzoSAMA2484d ago

that's why i don't get this game until now.

bixxel2484d ago

Good choice.It'll be 100 % fixed after Victor comes out.Play it then.

Relientk772484d ago

Just fix the game by Xmas please, that would be great

DesertFoxJr2484d ago

It'd be a Christmas miracle!

nirwanda2484d ago

They could have delayed it and still got it out before Christmas with far less bugs and sold far more copies and probably better reviews, hope they have learned lesson.

Gore-Content2484d ago

Good to see they want to fix this mess. But something tells me that they won't learn their lesson for their next game.

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The story is too old to be commented.