New screenshots of Way of Samurai 3

A french videogames website called published some new screenshots of Way of Samurai 3 on Playstation 3.

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NO_PUDding3813d ago

Still looking god awful, but still wanting it god awfully.

I do quite like the very simplistic art style. Hopefully it focuses on the fun.

Bathyj3813d ago

Is this a free roaming Samurai action RPG because I think i would love a game like that.

titntin3813d ago

Thats pretty much exactly what it is - and its well worth checking out.

Try picking up no2 for the PS2, I really enjoyed it.

These titles have not tradionally been graphically intense, but have delivered where it counts for me. This one seems to be keepign that tradition alive, with little to really show it as next gen, but I'm willing to bet the story and scenario's are as engaging as ever...

Host Samurai_3813d ago

I am happy to see some companies go smaller budget because those are the companies that will take the risk. If every company made HUGE budget games than EA, Ubisoft and Activision will be the only ones standing, in that event I would quit gaming.

Last gen GREAT games were low budget and it did not effect the gameplay one bit.....(looking at you God Hand)

SaiyanFury3813d ago

Now how about some localization news? Any word of a western release date? Even if it's released only in Europe and not North America i can always import it.