FIFA 09: Most Responsive, Intelligent and Realistic Action Ever?

EA Sports have announced some shake ups to the next in line in the FIFA franchise. The details should please the football fanatic, as EA have taken on-board players responses.

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FAQS3761d ago

Q:FIFA 09: Most Responsive, Intelligent and Realistic Action Ever?
A: Although PES 2008 was a deception, I Still prefer PES games!...But I'm still waiting for a great FIFA game: 08 was good, I enjoyed it very much, I just hope this statement becomes true!...

roybatty3761d ago

Even the recent sh1tty ps3 version that came out, I loved. It was buggy as hell, but it has shown me that Konami still own the Football games.
They just need to make a POLISHED full PES for the ps3.
FIFA always looks great to me.....but bores me agter 20 minutes.

Superfragilistic3761d ago

Yeah I've always been a PES gamer, although Fifa08 really trumped a lot of PES cards. Peter Moore's excitement and pushing of Fifa 09 over other titles in the EA Sports stable is making me a tad nervous about the outcome for PES this year.

Domenikos3761d ago

Actually Fifa 09 is a big chance for EA to pump out PES in many ways, PES 08 was a great mistake

crematory3761d ago


Condoleezza Rice3761d ago

Knowing EA,they're going to take their sweet time fixing it-that is,if they ever get around to doing so in the first place.

bumnut3761d ago

even the beta didn't work properly which shows they did not learn any lessons from it.

whats the point of releasing a beta if you do not learn from it and improve the final product?

newneto3761d ago

I am looking forward to this game. I will get both FIFA and PES.

Strife Lives3761d ago

Relaunched Fifa into the realm of AAA again. Fifa08 is the best soccer sim around,and looking at the pro evo2009 pics,it doesnt look like its taking its crown back anytime soon.last years Fifa08 had the looks,had the physics.had the gameplay and realism,plus . . .all those REAL LICENCED teams and leagues.what a bonus. im looking foward to Fifa09,day 1 purchase for me.they stepped up their game,and this year their raising the bar for the 2nd year in a row by the looks of things.

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