What The Newest Zelda U Footage Can Tell Us About Its Gameplay

Zelda Informer: "New Zelda U gameplay footage dropped at the Video Game Awards, and boy, did the Internet go nuts! There's a lot of speculation over the game's story and placement in the timeline, but we know from Nintendo's own comments that story and timeline placement are some of the very last things to be decided for a game. Gameplay is king with Nintendo, and that's what this footage was about. So, what can it tell us about the new Zelda game and how it plays? I've put together a simple list of the gameplay elements I spotted that give us clues about how the newest addition to the Zelda series may play..."

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masterfox2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

what can it tell us ? oh that's easy:

Boredom, unspiring and loneliness

oh and is a cartoon completely now :/

Moonman2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Nintendo won Developer Of The Year for a damn reason. 2015 won't stop the quality momentum of Wii U. Prepare yourself a box of tissues when this game drops.

ABizzel12239d ago


Well to be frank they won because:

1. They were on year 2 of their console while everyone else was on Year 1 with the PS4 / XBO. So they were dropping games from their AAA studios, while everyone else was dropping B / A titles.

2. There wasn't a lot of competition. Ubisoft was the only other company to release games to compete with the quantity of Nintendo but Ubi's quality was a couple hits ALOT of miss.

3. They also had strong showings for the 3DS as well, Sony pretty much gave up on Vita and now it's a port / crossplay / crossbuy / PSNow device. Sony was also letting the B team have first dips on PS4 (a couple A), so all studios could master the console together, and have their AAA games in tip top shape. MS had a good line-up of A games, but their AAA games aren't coming until 2015 as well.

So Nintendo easily walked away with developer of the year for 2014. But it was well deserved, because they were hands down the best this year without question while everyone else was just trying to get by until 2015.

2015 will be much more challenging, and that year will be a true test to see who wins best developer, because there's AAA games coming from EVERYWHERE.

OT: I can't wait for this Zelda one of my favorite franchises of all time. OMG 2015 is going to be the clash of each console makers biggest core IPs. Zelda / Uncharted / Halo all in the same year is just too much to bare. Take me to 2015 now.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

oh here comes the year start excuse

I guess it an excuse for PS1, PS2 and Xbox 360 too.

C_Ali882240d ago

Somebody sounds salty... Let me enlighten you go play Zelda the first Zelda which is inspiration for Zelda Wii U and tell me how lifeless the world is? You try to sound informed yet you know just about what we all know, NOTHING.. The world will not be lonely and uninspiring and the art style is AMAZING it only takes an adult to admit it..

Segata2239d ago

I'm amazed people go out of their way to on purpose be an idiot for some internet attention. Congrats you got it.

Sorry about your life bro

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KaladinStormblessed2240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

I don't like that people are calling it Zelda U. Because that is a horrible title. The video really doesn't tell us too much about gameplay, all we saw was link riding his horse and slow mo shooting. The whole point of the video was to show us the vast open world.

C_Ali882240d ago

We have no subtitle for it... Its a Zelda game for Wii U, therefor its Zelda Wii U... doesn't matter what you like honestly!

KaladinStormblessed2239d ago

Yeah i guess you're right, theres no subtitle yet so might as well just call it Zelda U.

KiLLUMiNATi_892240d ago

Bought the Mario 3D World bundle for $250 and im looking forward in playing this next year looks great..

gedden72240d ago

Now go buy Smash Bros, Pikmin, MK8, W101, Bay 2 all are GREAT games!

KiLLUMiNATi_892240d ago

Well i order the pro controller to start with lol. There's soo much games i dont even know where to start lol. Glad i bought the wii u, finally at peace with myself, i play games not specs.

gedden72240d ago

Hmm Pro Controller!!! I LOVE THE PRO CONTROLLER! If youre a smash fan, START with that one. A ton of character depth and thats a lot of Fighters! The online is pretty good and REALLY great when you have good connections. Then Bay 2, AMAZING GAME!!! then make your way! So many good games to play.

ceballos77mx2240d ago

I never buy a console for a lone game, but if this is open world, exploration and great combat I'll break that rule.

C_Ali882240d ago

The combat is Zelda's combat, so if you're familiar with that you should know what to expect. Exploration? Dungeons and temples??? Not much needed be said about that as its a core component of any proper Zelda game and I'm sure the over-world will be populated with enemies and wildlife, special NPC's: running postman??? lol

In summation you'll most likely be breaking that rule, E3 will solidify that for any in doubt.

MsmackyM2240d ago

It's tells me Nintendo can cure cancer, end poverty, eliminate childhood obesity all while delivering 1080p 60fps and haters will still hate.

telekineticmantis2240d ago

How about they work on catching up to modern day gaming standards before they work on Cancer, so in the least gamers might... I dunno, buy their console. Do you notice that N4G is not the only place where Nintendo is ridiculed, and in some cases brushed off as if it's not a serious console? PC gamers and console gamers alike say these things on YouTube and the like. Last gen for the most part it wasn't even considered part of the console war, this gen it had the market all to itself, this year it was surpassed by both PS and Xbox One, so obviously they need to consider innovating on their experiences or in the very least catching up to modern day gaming, so people who don't suffer from Nostalgia can enjoy their games. In any case, regardless which, I would not still be playing my favorite franchises if they didnt evolve. Street Fighter was One of my favorite franchises, now I barely care unless they evolve, FF13 was the last one I played, and now 15 has evolved, so i'm all over this one, in my book, Nintendo must uphold the same standard, the Disney magic doesn't work when it comes to my 60 dollars..

Dubaman2240d ago

"How about they work on catching up to modern day gaming standards"

Like what?

Like buying a game on disc and then having to install it on a console before you can even play it? Something that PC's had to do back in the 90's..

Like, being forced to pay for an online service which is having constant problems? Yet you're still forced to play on P2P servers. Where's that money going to exactly?

Like releasing games that are broken on day 1 and still months later aren't any closer to being fixed?

"Do you notice that N4G is not the only place where Nintendo is ridiculed"

Well that's not actually true and it happens on N4G alot because the entire internet, well the rational side of the internet, knows that N4G is a breeding ground for Sony fanboys.

telekineticmantis2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )


You forget the fact that noone wants to buy a Wii U. In a era of gaming where review scores are Paramount, Nintendo is getting good review scores, and still Noone is picking up the Wii U, even when there was no Next Gen competition, why is that? Gamers have spoken. Even with the cheapest price(got mine for$ 169), a full year on the market alone, and good reviews from journalist, Gamers say, Nostalgia isn't worth hundreds of dollars. We want something to get excited about, and moments to remember (which Nintendo can do from a party perspective )

KaladinStormblessed2239d ago

Hey if you don't like Nintendo that's your problem. I wasn't aware you represented the entire gaming community...

Metallox2239d ago

"Gamers have spoken."

More like a good bunch of parents that are buying a console for their kids who just can't shut up of saying "I want a PS4/ONE/WiiU", because they hear in the school that is cool to own one.

Segata2239d ago

DER dunt want Nintenderz! Just rehash same gaymez! Now wherz my Assassins Creed 65 Uncharted 7 Halo 17..derp hurp de derp.

telekineticmantis2239d ago


Yeah, I rather play new IPs, play the best muttiplats in the industry, then be stuck with a companion console as my main console, and by the consumer interest, I'm not alone, but you are, Nintendo needs to do better if they wanna compete, if not, there's nothing for you fanboys to talk about. Nintendo has actually admitted that they bowed out and went for the casual experience, and audience, that's why so many of their games are simple for simple gamers and you still defend them , that's pathetic.

Segata2239d ago

I been gaming since 86 bud. Own 30 systems and collect and buy everything. Only thing pathetic is your trolling. Troll harder. Wii U is a great machine full of fantastic games. Guess what it's my main console this gen. I don't believe in companion systems. That's a put down by trolls. PS3 was my fave system I have of the 3 last gen. Wii U is now because of it's fantastic games. Xenoblade my most wanted game of 2015 and that's saying something. Usually anything with Ys is. Going to buy and enjoy the hell out of Ys and DQH on PS4 and Scaelbound on XBO. Nintendo has 80+ IP's since 2001. Wow do some research.

While you type up your next troll response I'll be here playing Final Lap Twin on Turbografx16

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