Activision boss calls for console price cuts

MCV: 360, PS3 and Wii under fire as CEO calls hardware pricetags 'prohibitive' to new audiences

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SixTwoTwo3761d ago

Then why don't you send Sony and Microsoft each a few billion so they can recover some of the losses they've suffered on their next gen consoles so they can afford to make pricecuts.

coolfool3761d ago

As consumers we should always be pushing for lower prices and for greatest "bang for our buck". We should never settle for prices as they are because without consumer and competitor pressure companies would never innovate.

How companies do this innovation to make the same product for less is their problem not ours.

Never let up the pressure though.

socomnick3761d ago

Screw MS and Sony bring the price down for everyone. I already own both consoles so its too late for me but if fellow gamers can save a buck then im all for it.

himdeel3761d ago

...saying to all fast food restaurants lower the price of your burgers our potatoes are cheap so shouldn't the burgers be as well.

Not everyone can afford a console, just like not everyone can afford food. If anything he should mention lowering the cost of fuel or food BUT a device for entertainment. Not likely to happen. Capitalism at work.

Maybe Activision should make some more good games first and lower the cost of those.

Domenikos3761d ago

or reducing your fee from each game sold ;)

The Anti-Fanboy3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

You guys have hardcore gamer's tunnel vision. I am not quite a HC gamer and I am not a casual gamer. My interests are some where inbetween. I haven't bought a console yet. It's not that I can't afford it, its because I budget finances and have made a limit for 'entertainment'. This is why I have savings and no debt, period. You can't say that for 90 percent of Americans drowning in debt. So everyone has their reason on why they can not 'afford' to purchase consoles. The Activision spokesman was speaking about attracting NEW customers, but I expect you assfaced nerds to overlook that.

BrianC62343760d ago

Maybe Activision could drop the price of their games to $39.99. That would help as much as dropping the price of the consoles. There have been several games I didn't buy when they came out at $59.99 but when I saw them on sale for $39.99 I bought them. I think the price of the console is less important than the price of games. You buy the console once hopefully. You buy a lot of games. If the games are $20 cheaper that means you can buy three games for the cost of two. What an idea, cheaper games.

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wolfehound223761d ago

Heres some idea's Activision
1. reduce all of your game prices to $30 then even in slow times people would be able to buy your games.
2. How about not releasing a rehash of your most popular games every 6 months to a year. Seriously GH: Aerosmith not neccisary.
3. Like post 1 stated send some money off to Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo, to help with the cost of production of there consoles.

Ya I would like to see hardware prices cheaper, and no sh!t they would all sell more if they were cheaper. But I understand development costs prohibit the reduction of price in such a early stage in there life. All and all it seems to me that the gaming market is doing great. What somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 million next gen consols sold in under 2 years doesn't sound that bad to me.

Rich16313761d ago

Well, said. Bubbles for you!

Product3761d ago

absolutely true i think the video game industry is doing better then ever...i just have to say...boohoo.
does this guy not know that these prices are about the same as the first playstation the panasonic 3do atari jaguar and neo geo and those were 10 years ago when gas used to be 1.25 a gallon.please the video game industry is doing great.

hotrider123761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I agree with wolfehound22
except for average gamers waiting on that magic 299 -199.00 price tag for ps3 I dont hate sony but its their fault starting off with a high price console 600.00 you would think they learned that from neo-geo and 3DO console's now if the ps4 come out with price tag above 400.00 sony can forget it. basicly all a gamer want is to be able to PLAY!!!! games!!! not convert there console into a hi-fi surround sound system, or into a Ipod,mp3 player,wi-fi player or a movie entertainment center. hell all I want is a gaming console with movie like graphics with b/c to play my ps1,ps2,ps3 games when ps4 comes out in 2012 thats another issue sony need to deal with and reason why more gamers not buying now. no b/c on the current sku's mainly 40gb ps3's I found out yesterday at gamestop retail store salesperson told me sony stop production on 60gb and 80gb ps3's dont know how true that is??? so dont quote me on that.

butterfinger3761d ago

I'm pretty sure they stopped production on the 60GBs a while ago, but they have recently been sending out 80GB units in the MGS4 bundle with a DS3 and Sixaxis (at least here in the States). The 80GB is sells too well for them to totally ditch the idea. People want their PS2 backwards compatibility.

TheExodus3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

BS! Developers need to cut software prices because that's what's prohibitive to new audiences. Look at Wii hardware sales vs. Wii software sales. $249.99 obviously isn't discouraging anyone from buying a Wii which means the price of the crapware they're offering Wii owners is too expensive. Case in point, I would have picked up a copy of Wall-E had it been $39.99, but $49.99? Not a chance in hell when I know it will be down to $29.99 long before the movie hits DVD in 6 months. Same goes for PS3, I would have been tempted to pick up a copy of Hellboy at $39.99, but at $59.99 it doesn't interest me enough to even flip the case over to read the back.

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