British Sales Charts

Super Smash Bros kicks off its stay in the charts at #1. Battlefield Bad Company also enjoys a surprisingly strong debut, entering the charts at #2 (and #7), while Metal Gear Solid 4 drops from 1st to 5th, beaten out by such titles as the two above and...Big Beach Sports.

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1stKnighT3759d ago

MGS4 sure lost its thunder quick.

3759d ago
coolfool3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Is it that everyone who wanted one bought it in the first week?

Or is it that the install base still isn't enough to really support regular strong competitive sales?

Maybe they haven't advertised enough? I must admit I haven't seen much.

I am not really sure what would be the biggest factor. Any suggestions?

Silogon3759d ago

Sure did, man. Sure did. From 1 to 5 and falling. It hit 3 million units fast but now what?

PirateThom3759d ago

Like just about every title in the PS3 library, it'll have legs and probably stay in the charts for the next 4 months.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

so yeah 5 is great and for all or europe I think its still #1. The last thing you have to worry about is MGS4. It's already done all it has to do meta 95, and 3 million first week. If it didn't sell another copy you still couldn't call it average or a flop! My "GUESS" would be 7 million world wide by 1/1/09?!?!!???

ChickeyCantor3759d ago

but you cant really say the same about the Netherlands, and here too brawl is on top.

PirateThom3759d ago

It's also on Wii, which has outsold the PS3 and 360 everywhere and there's a lot of fanboys of Smash who love it, even though it's now an old game and I won't be buying it.

dale13759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Nintendo and EA knock ‘Lego Indiana Jones’ down to No3 as ‘Super Smash Bros: Brawl’ on Wii celebrates an All Formats No1 debut ahead of competition from EA’s new recruit ‘Battlefield: Bad Company’ on Xbox 360/PS3 at No2.

It is Nintendo’s 4th All Formats No1 so far this year with ‘Super Smash Bros. Brawl’ becoming the 3rd largest UK Wii launch behind ‘Wii Fit’ and ‘Mario Kart Wii’. It’s also a bumper week for Nintendo’s console thanks to renewed stock of ‘Wii Fit’ pushing it up from No27 to No4 (sales up 643%) as well as Wii-exclusive ‘Big Beach Sports’ from THQ entering at No5 ahead of ‘Mario Kart Wii’, bouncing back into the Top 10, up from No11 to No7. There are now 4 Wii-exclusive games in the All Formats Top 10 with PS3 ‘Metal Gear Sold 4’ the only other format-exclusive All Formats Top 10 title, down from No2 to No6. ‘GTA IV’ almost drops out of the All Formats Top 10, down from No4 to No10, but Take 2 can claim two Top 10 games this week thanks to ‘Top Spin 3’ for Wii, PS3 & 360 rising up the rankings from No12 to No8 in its second week of launch.

One Sega Olympics game replaces another in the All Formats Top 10 as ‘Beijing 2008’ debuts at No9 for 360 & PS3 and ‘Mario and Sonic at the Olympics’ drops out of the Top 10, down from No6 to No11. There are 2 other newcomers that make this week’s All Formats Top 20 – ‘Guitar Hero: Aerosmith’ at No14 from Activision and ‘The Bourne Conspiracy’ for 360 & PS3 from Vivendi at No15.

seems a lttle different to what kotaku said chart track

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