GamingTrend Review: Guitar Hero: On Tour

GamingTrend writes: "When you think of Guitar Hero you think of playing in front of a TV, maybe with some friends close by, and rocking out with a five-button guitar peripheral. Many have lived their rock star fantasies this way, even going as far as bringing their console and plastic guitars to a friend's house to show them how you rock. Guitar Hero became a system seller because of how much fun it was and how accessible it was to both gamers and non-gamers.

Now Neversoft, RedOctane, and Activision are trying to bring you the Guitar Hero experience without lugging the TV, console, and plastic guitar. Guitar Hero: On Tour is your own portable version of Guitar Hero on your Nintendo DS. With Guitar Grip in hand, I set out to find if On Tour measures up to the Guitar Hero experience."

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