So Many Games, So Little Time…

Gamecyte writes: "Can there be too much of a good thing when it comes to new game releases? Columnist Michael Zenke seems to think so. Over at GameSetWatch, Zenke has penned an engaging opinion that will resonate strongly with gamers - like myself - who are frustrated by the recent plethora of quality titles. But is the fault truly with the games, or those who play them?

Despite some lingering worries that the rise of so-called casual gaming spells doom for the hardcore enthusiast, 2008 continues to prove those fears unfounded with the release of MGS4 and GTA4, both titles that actually attempt to raise the bar for immersive interactive experiences to come. But if you'd rather not shoot people (or steal their outmoded transportation) there are an unprecedented number of different ways to do so. With gaming finally having reached mainstream acceptance, each of those myriad ways has a vast collection of followers with whom to interact. In short, it is a good day for gamers."

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Tony240ZT3763d ago

To not put much weight on this guy's reviews. He self admittedly is more behind on his gaming than pretty much all of us.