Promises, Promises: Nintendo Wii

Gamecyte writes: "As the kid-tested, mother-approved - hell, grandmother-approved - game console whose demand continues to outstrip supply over a year after release, the Nintendo Wii has certainly caused a stir - but not quite the all-out Revolution its creators originally hyped. Wii online sucks. There are few compelling hardcore games. For every critically acclaimed title that actually uses the Wii's motion-sensing controls to some effect, there's a steaming bucketful of shovelware with tacked-on functionality - and clip-on plastic attachments.

What can the 10.2 million American Wii owners do about it? Very little. They've bought into the Nintendo club, and now they're stuck with whatever the Wii has to offer. But what they can do is pay better attention next time, and - having had a look at some of Nintendo's track record here - decide whether they want to trust the words of Nintendo execs in future."

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NintendoKid173857d ago

All of this is garbage. He can think that but Wii is not as bad as they say it is. The motion controls in the games are fun and make a more interesting experience, if they say it sucks then why does Sony and Microsoft want to steal the idea from Nintendo?. Yes the online play can be better (though Smash Bros online is fun, so is Mario Kart). I would like to see more games with wi-fi but for now I'm fine. The Wii may not live up to the standards of some people that attack Nintendo everytime they do something they don't like but then why is the top selling system and beating Xbox and Xbox had a year head start?, what does that tell you, Wii is more popular for every type of gamer out there.