Interview: Blizzard's COO Paul Sams talks about Activision Blizzard, success in Asia, and whether or not the company will develop

GamesIndustry.Biz writes: "Blizzard Entertainment has been busy - not content to work on continuing development for its all-conquering MMO World of Warcraft, it's currently working on a sequel to its sci-fi RTS Starcraft, as well as having just announced the latest in the action RPG Diablo series.

To find out more about how the company will cope with the load, as well as how the Activision merger will affect, how success in Asia came about and whether or not there are plans to develop for consoles, caught up with Blizzard's COO, Paul Sams, at the Worldwide Invitational."

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Condoleezza Rice3763d ago

I like the honesty the Blizzard people show in their interviews.