The First Annual Nintendo Awards Show – Hosted by Shawn Long

Nintendo Enthusiast's Shawn Long has the cure for the boring video game award show: The First Annual Nintendo Awards Show 2014. Join Shawn as he gives his picks for categories such as Wii U Game of the Year, Coolest New Character, and many more. He even managed to snag a Grammy Award Winning musical guest!

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telekineticmantis2004d ago

Wow, that was petty.Nintendo enthusiasts are even more petty and sensitive then I've been giving them credit.

DryBoneKoopa852004d ago

I thought it was pretty funny! I also thought Bayonetta 2 should of won game of the year at the VGA. Platinum and Nintendo both deserve that award IMO. To me Bayonetta 2 was game of the year.

2004d ago