NZGamer: Top Spin 3 Wii Review

NZGamer writes: "So, apparently 2K Sports were answering a desperate cry when they put together this tennis simulation for our lovable little motion sensitive friend. No, seriously. I Googled it, and we all know that you simply don't… doubt… Google. There are forums world over clustered with tennis fans who - while they have fun with Wii Tennis - want to sink their teeth into something a bit more realistic. Apparently (stop laughing) it's been considered that the Wii had a real lack of tennis games.

The hole's been filled by this one, there's no doubt. Looking at it, playing it, you get the sense that this is the tennis game all those fanboys have been waiting for; they'll probably love it. But for the part of casual sports sims fans and those who like to get a little more oomph from their games, it falls kinda short. What I loved about Wii Sports, including Tennis, was its accessibility. Top Spin 3 is anything but. The measure of a great sports sim is one that will take people who don't usually go in for that sort of thing, and trap them in a brand new world: NBA, NFL and NHL sims have always been very popular for this reason. And so are the arcade-y sims on Wii Sports. Games like Gran Turismo have also worked in this way: I'm not a car guy, but when I got my PS2 I played A-Spec to death. Top Spin 3 is a game for people who love tennis. I suppose the studio better hope there's enough of them lurking on those shady forums to become a market of their own."

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Product3787d ago

graphics arent bad,gameplay isnt bad but omg the involvement you feel is absolute the review says the ball boys stand there still never move..crowd looks from an nes game with its 2 frame animation crowd is boring no commentary i mean there is nothing in the game that makes you feel involved, just a couple volleys......not a horrible game but not the game i thought it was gonna be i would give it a 5 actually not a 6.

and i follow tennis and there is about 7 players out of like 16 that are actually good in really life and in the game .....the other players you would never know existed.

next year if they correct the lack of involvement you feel this could be the flagship tennis game on any system.