Edge Feature: GarageGames - Links' Awakening

Edge writes: "First, indie stalwart GarageGames took on the publishing elite. Now, it's transforming 3D web gaming.

"You could tell what they really wanted to do was World Of WarCraft…"

"Meets MySpace…"

"Yeah, meets MySpace. But with a space theme. Habbo Hotel, but with a MySpace theme…"

"Yeah, everyone wanted some sort of virtual world with minigames in it…"

In the main, the utterances of GarageGames' Josh Williams embody his company's design philosophy of clarity and directness. But when he thinks back on the awful meetings he endured before finding investors for its latest venture, he can't help but slip into a wacky double-act routine with colleague Andy Yang, who went through a similarly hopeless search himself."

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