IGN: Too Human's Top 5 Quick Fixes

There's no question that Too Human is about as ambitious a project as any studio has undertaken in the last decade. It's gone through more revisions and platform shifts than is probably healthy or cost effective, but it's finally coming out the other end of the development pipeline. What's more, Too Human is surprisingly single-minded in its dedication to the dungeon crawling RPG genre. Despite a mainstream-friendly, chocolate coated hack-and-slash shell, the chewy caramel middle of the game is Nordic mythological role-playing – and it's something that clearly Denis Dyack's Silicon Knights is passionate about.

The game gets so much right – the setting, scale, depth, story and the multiplayer. However, as the game nears its August release date, it's definitely not perfect. Here are IGN's top 5 points they want to see sorted out before Too Human reaches shelves in its final month of development.

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joeymoey3765d ago

I've seen a ton more ambitious games this year alone.

Superfragilistic3765d ago

I disagree. Outside of Spore, LBP, Banjo 3, Killzone 2's graphics and Resistance 2's online abilities, Too Human is really trying to redefine genre boundaries and the concept of a cyberpunk Diablo working on consoles. It's also why if it fails it will only have itself to blame for its huge ambitions.

My only hope is they take the two months of time up their sleeve, take IGN and others advice, and implement the changes recommended. Which really aren't that major except for the slowdown, loot algorithms and the gameplay - which whilst I suspect will remain a love or hate affair, they could introduce a practice area to show us just how good the gameplay is "supposed" to be!

mesh13765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

the moto of these droids at ng4 and neogaf is to ignore all major site preivews and focus on a blog preivew haha buy wired blog hahaha they fail too human wll be ebtter than most ps3 ezxclsuive this year.

Cartesian3D3765d ago

1-Microsoft say :"we will support Silicon Knights even if Too human will become flop" (sth like that)
2-Aweful previews about all aspects of the game(Animation,Story,Voice acting,Gameplay,Graphics... )
3-short single player mentioned in all previews ( as RPG )
4-Less hype than any other firstparty MS exclusive (imo)
5-Silicon Knights had many problems with EPIC games (sure they had issues for making game..)

if I was a 360 user I wouldnt give a damn about those elements and enjoy the game, but dont say it will be better than all PS3 exclusive ...

Too Human will be a good game(even AAA) if they fix ALL these problems in 1 month .. Itagaki should listen to those previews about camera , but he didnt.. now its Silicon Kinght's turn ..

Millah3764d ago

Wow Mesh is a complete idiot. I like how he claims to be a Ps3 fanboy in the resistance 2 trailer page, when everyone on this site knows otherwise.

Are you still in middle school or something? You sound retarded. Unless Too Human gets perfect scores across the board and gets praised as being one of the greatest games ever released in the last ten years, it won't be better than some Ps3 xclusives.

I really hope you buy this game, cuz I would love to see these 360 robots wasting 60 bucks. The funny thing is these robots will even force themselves to think the game is actually good.

Unless people really are that stupid, and can easily be entertained by anything thrown their way, I don't see how people are still excited after watching these new videos. I was so excited for this game, but after watching those horribly done cutscenes and terribly looking gameplay footage, theres no justifying this game for the sake of it. I mean if you are actually still excited for this game, you must have the brain of a monkey.

Splenda143765d ago

this game is going to fail critically but I wonder what it will sell

1stKnighT3765d ago

Looks like they need to fix the camera and this game will be fit for a king.

Alexander Roy3765d ago

"Looks like they need to fix the camera and this game will be fit for a king."

A king that loves slideshows, judging from the article.

3764d ago
P4KY B3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

With this launching in the same week as Lego Batman, Too Human will not get to #1 in the charts.

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