Street Fighter IV : new images

Capcom releases new images of Street Fighter IV. Street Fighter IV appear for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the pc.

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JeepGamer3766d ago

No matter how many times I see it, I still hate the way it looks. Going back and trying to recreate a 3D version of SF2 using the now ancient art style from the 2D character portraits was a bad idea.

hay3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

It was a good idea, but effect is bad. Too much muscles and deformation. I can't really say it's interactive, moving painting looks more like cartoon/comic book for me.

I sure hope gameplay will be addictive and will have great animations.

sumfood4u3766d ago

But when SFEX3 hit PS2 that became my favorite, actually when SFex hit my psone it was the birth of Skullomania an CrackerJack!

InMyOpinion3766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

What's new besides the graphics?

The fighting genre needs something new. Why not make a fighting game that incorporates physics to a great extent?
If you have your feet in water you hav a harder time kicking and have to use your fists. Give the fighters body physics attributes like bones that break if they take too much damage. If you throw someone into a concrete wall they take more damage than if you throw them through a window or door(which breaks) etc. There's tons of stuff you could do with it.

I don't mean in a Ragdoll Kung-Fu kind of way. I think they could make it slick and still use lots of physics elements in the gameplay.

LeShin3766d ago

I'm more interested in Streetfighter 2 HD. To the 360 owners, how does the beta play like?

InMyOpinion3766d ago

It does have better looking graphics ;)

TruthBTold3765d ago

for some reason im not too exited about this game, im actually looking more forward to SFhd. this game looks weird. Ken looks gay, that hair cut is just too crappy, looks like Blanka cut it by bitting on his head lol. wwhen is sfhd due out by?

ShuUemura3766d ago

It's not even release yet. How do u know it has better graphic compare to other platform? Hmmmm.... I smell fanboy here.....

The Wood3766d ago

he's just windin you up unless he means better graphics than sf4 or sd sf2.

InMyOpinion3766d ago

I meant better graphics than SF4.