Comparing Surround Sound: Snake, Indy, GT5 Prologue and More

Sarcastic Gamer writes: "As I type, my dad and younger brother are now taking their turn in going to London to see a Hard Rock (the restaurant chain and the musical genre) concert in Hyde Park. The wonderful thing about my dad being away is that this frees up the 40? 1080p Samsung and the corresponding LG 5.1 setup for my PS3 to handily sit beside. Well, connect to as well, but at least sit beside because all three pieces of equipment are very shiny shades of black (and they all generate an absolute heatwave, but that's another story). For the weekend, I had my very own temporary manlair with my PS3, a single Blu-Ray and 1080p, 5.1 gaming goodness. It made a nice change from my little 20? Sony anyway."

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