Website Tracking Wii-Related Injuries

Wii has officially launched and, inevitably, that means the first Wii-inflicted injuries have begun to trickle in.

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Asylumchild4367d ago (Edited 4367d ago )

And this is wy everyone thinks the Wii sucks! Because dumazzes have to do stupid sh!t like this.... end of story

PS360WII4367d ago

When is going to add some news worthy items on Wii and PS3? You know instead of bad this and bad that for them and all praise stories of the xbox. If the answer is never then you really need to change the name of this website to

ChickeyCantor4367d ago

well he bashed the Wii allot too.

but he is right, you are not supose to play like a moron, if you have some brains ( talking in general) you would know that using massive power to swing is just stupid.

willymcd4367d ago

me want a wii! really it does.