Sony Actually Announced Some Vita Games, Full List Here

A full list of anything and everything Vita-related announced at the Playstation Experience Keynote Conference. Includes Shovel Knight, Geometry Wars and more.

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nX2387d ago

What's up with the question mark? They're announcing new Vita games almost bi-weekly on the Playstation Blog.

PeaSFor2387d ago

we see a lot of cross buy games which is awesome, but sadly theyre ignored by the naysayers because you know....thats how they roll.

jamal10002387d ago

Hi, I wrote the article, I'm an avid Vita user and games are announced for the system on the regular basis but usually at conferences the Vita is neglected, I explain it in full in the article.

jholden32492387d ago

Yeah but none of them are actually good, meaningful games. Even Ouya gets new games announced. That's not the issue. The issue is having notable, worthwhile games announced.

I'm not trying to knock the Vita- I own one. But people are living in a fantasy if they think the platform is getting the support it should be. In fact it's getting less that any platform I've ever seen, and that's a problem.

The reason this announcement is noteworthy, is because these games actually matter. Many of them, anyways. Getting RE Revelations is huge, as is Geometry Wars 3, Shovel Knight and Banner Saga. Granted, most are indies but hey, I'll take great indies over mediocre retail releases any day...

3-4-52387d ago

* Suikoden 1&2
* MLB The Show 15
* Towerfall: Acension
* Bastion
* The Banner Saga

All Vita games I'll for sure get.

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tanukisuit2387d ago

I'm pretty much interested in all these games, especially Suikoden!

HentaiMasterRace2387d ago

Got my Vita, lube, and tissues.....It's go time...

superchiller2387d ago

Lol, funny stuff. But seriously, it's always good to see new Vita games announced. I've been really happy about recent releases for the Vita, what a fantastic little handheld!

TheGrimReaper00112387d ago

no offence but do Suikoden 1 and 2 count as Vita titles?
Aren't they just (really great) PS1 games?

Or are they remakes?

Also, excited for resident evil revelations 2 and Super Time Force ^^

Rockets122387d ago

They are finally on PSN, so it sorta counts. Sure it isn't a remake, but it's a new addition that many wanted. I haven't tried any of the games myself, but I will definitely be getting them...along with MLB The Show 15 and Resident Evil.

Killzoner992387d ago

Oh but I thought the Vita has no games? If anything the Vita is stronger than ever. Support for it is in overdrive.

PhucSeeker2387d ago

I wouldn't say overdrive but yeah it does get the support it deserve (for now).

RosweeSon2387d ago

It's getting a lot of loving but if it was in overdrive we'd be hearing about a Killzone mercenary 2, tearaway 2 instead of it jumping ship to ps4, Gravity rush 2 not to mention a metal gear vita, psp got peace walker after all not to mention there's no gran turismo vita, let alone a grand theft auto vita nintendo DS had Chinatown wars made specifically for it then ported to psp and the psp had Liberty and vice city stories but how about a GTA5 spin off or something with GTA. Last and by no means least God of war! I'm not talking ports like the metal gear HD collection I'm talking brand new vita entries, God of war had 2 separate games out for psp and vita gets none?.

Protagonist2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Here´s a funny thing though, I am PSP gamer since 2007. When those titles came out for the PSP, "gamers" were busy trashing the PSP. The argument from "gamers" which btw did not own a PSP was : (why should I buy GoW, KillZone, Metal Gear when I can play the better version on a PS3).

The love the PSP recently gets, is fake as hell, I should know! I´ve been following it all these years, on every kind of forum - IGN, Gamespot...etc

When Killzone, Gravity Rush, Tearaway and even the recent exclusive title Freedom Wars got released from Sony mind you, It GOT and GETS ignored.

This is all BS. Some gamers are desperate to discredit Sonys handheld. It has been so since the beginning, and it will continue so, nothing will change.

I said it many times before, and will say it again. This is the last dedicated handheld gaming gadget we will get from Sony.

So enjoy while it last, I know I will ;))


OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2387d ago

so getting mostly ports counts as getting games

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