Eurogamer: FIFA 09 Wii Hands On

Eurogamer writes: "If you think the main FIFA team is tired of being asked about PES, spare a thought for the Wii guys. With Konami edging perilously close to the piss-take with its lethargy in giving fans a genuine from-the-ground-up kickabout on 360 and PS3, EA must have felt quietly confident that it would have a clear sight of goal with proper motion-controlled gameplay for this year's update.

That was until, in March, its bitter rival sneakily went and released Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for Wii. Which was fantastically innovative and anything but, as Kristan put it, "the tired port many feared it would end up being." Including EA.

"It came out here in February, so we were already well into development. It's interesting to see; I thought we were going to be the first ones to it, but these things are going to happen," sighs producer Kevin Chorney."

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