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VideoGamer: "Until Dawn is an ambitious horror game that sadly also pulls from the worst of slasher cinema."

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DigitalRaptor1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Steven Burns is overly cynical. Like really, really cynical.

He also gave some stupid opinions about the Sunset Overdrive preview, being overly critical and saying things that make absolutely no sense, and then the game ended up being pretty great. After the Sunset Overdrive incident, I don't believe anything that comes out of his mouth.

He would give Heavy Rain the same kind of preview and we all know what kind of game that was and how it's similar to this.

SmielmaN1410d ago

I thought the demo they showed was pretty sweet. Choose your own adventure horror game. Heavy rain was pretty sweet and this appeared to have the similar gameplay. Officially going on my preorder list.

gusgusjr1410d ago

Still picking it up, I'm a sucker for horror

DarkLord10031410d ago

Wow - videogamer is a really shitty site. Until Dawn looks like so much fun.

gamerfan09091410d ago

They're a shitty site for giving their honest opinion on a game you've never played? Wow the amount of grown men that get hurt by opposing opinions is sickening.

DarkLord10031410d ago

Have you actually read the articles? They are written so poorly. It's like I'm reading the diary of a 16 year old dudebro...

DigitalRaptor1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

This guy also gave your precious Xbone exclusive Sunset Overdrive a really, really negative write-up, before it came out to great reviews overall.

You just need to face that this guy, Steven Burns, can't write game previews for s**t and is an overly-cynical critic.

Xbox_Z_best1410d ago

Ah yes, opposing opinions. I would have liked your thoughts if the site would have been criticizing some xbone exclusive. GTFO xbone fanboy.

darren_poolies1410d ago

Videogamer are actually one of the only decent sites out there, just because you font agree with some of their opinions doesn't make them "real shitty"

monkeyDzoro1410d ago

XD. Even if this one was confirmed garbage I would still buy it. I love this type of game where you're supposed to make choices, cause I like to see how it ends up.
And I mean REAL choices not TWD or TheWolfAmongUs illusory choices, eventho I love them both.

Blackleg-sanji1410d ago

These guys are going ham on these games first the order and now this everyone else seem to enjoy them

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