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VideoGamer: "The Order is a game that's ancient in both setting and mechanics."

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SardoNumspa1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


These desperate fanboy 'previews' are hilarious.

It's as if these fanboys in their panic to trash the game don't realize that everyone in the console world is listening to the people who are playing the game and raving about the gameplay or see the incredible direct feed gameplay footage themselves.

Charybdis1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Don't think the previewer is a fanboy even if he says the game looks beautifull on the ps4 which it does. He has played the game which I haven't so its obvious the game looks awesome. game play previews are just opinion. They will have enought time to fix any game play issues.

DarkLord10031416d ago

OMG - I can't believe how poorly written this is.

It's a disgrace to every real journo out there....

monkeyDzoro1416d ago

Ancient mechanics like what ? CoD ? DragonAge Inquisition ? Titanfall ? Sunset Overdrive ?
Or is there a new type of TPS which I'm not aware of ?
Anyway the only thing I'm "worried" about right now is the quality of the AI. If it stays like this I wouldn't mind that much but I expect a better AI. I already tried this game at ParisGamesWeek and all I wanted to do was playing more of it.

So I'll buy it. Why ? Because for their first AAA game attempt on any big Sony console, I must say it's very good. Like the first Uncharted on PS3. I hope it succeeds so we'll see more improvements w/ another installment like UC2 was to UC1.

Brisco1416d ago

Seems about right.. Not gonna buy the game straight away.

Scatpants1416d ago

It seems like people want so bad for this game to suck. I hope it's good. I'm guessing it will be.

u4one1416d ago

To me it seems people want this game to be better than people actually playing it seem to think it is. they basically all say the same thing to some degree or another; it looks amazing but not fun to play. But when they say that they are called fanboys. Shrug. Seems more like people who haven't played it that assume it's amazing are the fanboys. Personally I'll reserve judgement til some actual release reviews hit or I play it myself. My optimism is fading though.

StrawberryDiesel4201415d ago

I'm betting IGN give it an 8.8/10

u4one1415d ago

my money is on 7.5-8. I'm hoping for 9s but every time i read a hands on, they always come back to the gameplay not being great.

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