David Jaffe announces Drawn to Death for PS4

The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency, the studio led by God of War creator David Jaffe, and SCE San Diego Studio have announced Drawn to Death for PlayStation 4 during PlayStation Experience in Las Vegas.

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JMaine5181464d ago

Very unique. I'm interested.

thorstein1464d ago

This made my jaw drop. Really cool. And this is pre-alpha coverage so, I am so looking forward to this.

ABizzel11464d ago

I really loved this, it was one of the few games to really make me smile and laugh.

This any Splatoon are doing something unique for shooters finally.

Abash1464d ago

David Jaffe makes some of the most enjoyable and unique games Ive played, and after seeing that early footage, I have to say Im psyched. I'm glad this guy is still making original games

GMR_PR1464d ago

This looks very interesting.

Why o why1464d ago

Reminded me of unreal tournament

LordMaim1464d ago

Exactly! Its so relateable too. What high school student hasn't doodled in their margins like this? Such a unique design philosophy that influences every aspect of the game.

darthv721464d ago

Its quake 3 meets unreal tournament meets mad world meets splatoon.


freshslicepizza1464d ago

his past few games have sold badly yet he feels he owes sony or something. why wouldn't he also release this on steam? makes no sense at all. it looks rather unique but it shouldn't be more than $10 but this being a console game i expect it to be $20.

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VonBraunschweigg1464d ago

Brings on a giant beast with a club, you manage to kill it, he serves up two. Loved that in God of War.

showtimefolks1464d ago

A great way to close out the show why a true legend of playstation brand mr. David jaffe himself

Sony showing true love to indie by lettering no man sky go 2nd to last, ultimate resoect to indies. Usually you have big blockbusters close out the show

NegativeCreep4271464d ago (Edited 1464d ago )

Hell Yeah! This game looks very intriguing. I loved the character designs (using a dragon as a come I never thought of that before???). I felt almost like I did back in the PSone days when I first saw Twisted Metal.

David Jaffe is for real! I'm just wondering if Drawn to Death will be a formal retail release or just on the PSN?

XisThatKid1464d ago

Reminds me of Twisted Metal! Thanks Jaffe!!! Can't wait!

LordMaim1464d ago

It looks great! I can't wait.

(Though I wasn't a big fan of the most recent Twisted Metal. The originals and PS2 versions were awesome, but the PS3 one? Ergh)

-Ikon-1464d ago

Looks like Twisted Metal on foot with drawn graphics. LOOKS SICKS. Loved TM 2012 was highly competitive and tons of depth. expect no different


Love they kept the weapon pick ups like twisted metal and warhawk

3-4-51464d ago

This looks like pure fun.

Glad to see games are getting back to just being about being creative and fun.

Seeing stuff like this & Splatoon gives me hope for the FPS genre moving forward.

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Relientk771464d ago

This looks so cool, reminds me of Comix Zone a little, but 3d shooter

I wanna see more from this!

OUROSMAG1464d ago

This conference killed it... 2015 is already looking amazing for PS4

WeAreLegion1464d ago

Freaking awesome!

"They said I could cuss."

Jaffe kills it, as always.

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