Is The Order: 1886 a Case of Style Over Substance?

The Order: 1886 is a beautiful game, but will its action match its potent visuals?

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DigitalRaptor1413d ago

And people say Gamespot is biased against Xbox?

Still they can screw off. The gameplay showed a perfectly great third person shooter. A cinematic third person shooter. Nothing janky, it looks like it plays well.

And that melee combat against the half-breed looked awesome. They need to show more though. It comes out in 2 months, and they've shown like 20 minutes of footage in total.

Abash1413d ago

Yup, the gameplay looked better than ever in the latest footage, they definitely worked on it after the delay. All I can say is I'm happy I get to finally play it in February, it's a great start to an insane year for games

Naga1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

You know, if this game turns out to be the PS4 equivalent of Ryse... that's not necessarily such a bad thing. I - like many others - loved Ryse, despite its shortcomings. The graphics were outstanding, the production value was top-notch, and the story was actually pretty fantastic. Even if the gameplay doesn't end up firing on all cylinders, games like this can still be quite a joy to play.

Dudebro901413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

You just can't handle someone not thinking this game looks bland, can you?

Why is it everytime someone has a different opinion on n4g they are fanboys?

Or if a website says they aren't fans of a game they are biased towards a certain company or are "paid off" by developers?

Seriously, not everyone is going to like everything someone else likes, and instead of trying to criticize someone to the point you are bashing them, why not try to have a civil conversation?

bananaboats1413d ago

I think it is because people take this way to personal. Like if I don't agree with another persons opinion then they assume im just a hater instead of a person who has his own personal tastes and likes.

Its the same reason why you are getting disagrees, people don't want to see things they don't agree with. It is almost non-existent to see a civil conversation.

DigitalRaptor1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

It's called "narrative".

Ever since it had poor showings when it was first revealed (YES. I'm actually telling you that at one point there were reasons to hate on the game because the gameplay was rough and we didn't know much about it.), people have jumped on the same bandwagon without offering their own opinion. That is a narrative.

The game won over 25 E3 awards this year, from people who have actually played it, after they made improvements from the first time they showed it in Alpha mode. But people have ignored that and followed the narrative that was set in place by the critics of the original gameplay showing, and the fanboys and trolls of the competing consoles.

The game has solid mechanics, yet people are saying that the gameplay is a turd because it doesn't innovate. That is my point. Why should it have to re-invent the genre, when that is not their intentions with the game? The Evil Within didn't innovate, or do anything spectacularly next-gen in terms of gameplay, and it got great reviews because it was a great game.

Why does Mario, Call of Duty etc. get a free pass for doing the same sh*t every year, but one game that is a big exclusive for PS4 does that same and every reviewer uses outdated opinions to shape what they think of it now.

The narrative for this game has stuck, rather than updated itself as it should have. And how in the world can people say the game as a whole is bland? It's like no other game out there, conceptually.

Ducky1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

^ The Evil Within has like... a 75 metascore.
If that's great reviews to you, then yea, TheOrder will likely be great.

Dudebro901412d ago


Just because a game wins e3 awards and has solid mechanics doesn't mean its worthy of praise.

Games win e3 awards all the time and end up being bad or boring.

This conversation about the order reminds me of one game in particular, Rage.

Its almost the same exact story being told. A lot of people that saw the trailers and screens said they don't get the hype behind it. It looked bland and boring.

Rage had amazing graphics, and more than solid mechanics, and won a ton of e3 awards,including game of the show from a few well known places. But when the game shipped, it wasn't hammered by critics, but it definitely didn't live up to those awards and hype it had accumulated.

This has nothing to do with "narrative" as you say, its simply a difference of opinion.

A game doesn't have reinvent itself or the genre anytime its released, but it needs to have soul all around. The order has its world built, but playing in that world seems to be the issues people are having. Simply having a good cover system and solid movement and mechanics will only get a game so far if it lacks soul.

Evil within also didn't get great reviews all around, it was pretty split between good and bad reviews.

Also on not sure why you say Call of Duty gets away the same stuff every year, because it doesn't. Look at ghosts, it was slammed for being boring and having nothing new.

Mario "gets away with it" because it reinvents itself with the worlds you visit. Nintendo games from their first party studios have always been well received because it has soul. You don't need to reinvent the mechanics of Mario because playing in a new world is always fun. Making me use the mechanics in a new way or on a new scale makes it feel fresh.

freshslicepizza1412d ago

some people are just putting way too much hype into this because its a sony exclusive with amazing graphics. the game looks clunky with way too many interruptions of cut-scenes. linear games are fine, uncharted is a perfect example, but this looks like a case of graphics over gameplay.

morganfell1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )


You can't handle someone disagreeing with these so writers from websites who have demonstrated time and again they are incompetent and untrustworthy.

Why is it when someone disagrees with a site that criticizes something they like, suddenly those disagreeing are fanboys. And you use the term fanboy in a derogative fashion. Why aren't they correct and the website wrong, particularly when such websites have clearly shown themselves to be whimsical and without standards.

And this is Gamespot. Perhaps you are forgetting Gerstmanngate.

Seriously, not everyone is going to like everything someone else likes, and instead of trying to criticize someone to the point you are bashing them, why not try to have a civil conversation?

You see, I copy and pasted the above comment from your post because it applies dirtectly to you. You automatically assume people going against Gamespot are wrong and you attempt to demean them. Instead you only manage to point your finger at yourself. There is so much irony in your remarks I'll need an oil tanker to haul away enough of it just to see the page.

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LightDiego1413d ago

Dude, Lamespot is terrible, doesn't matter what's your system, looks like The Order producers refused to pay for good coverage. Also, the SJW agenda on the site, to sum up, it's a garbage.
The Order: 1886 looks amazing and i love a third-person shooter, it's a must-buy for sure.

SardoNumspa1413d ago

That's the problem with the Xbots at gaming sites - they have turned reviews into such a joke in the eyes of gamers that they have no effect.

Xbots like this one at GameSpot really think they are striking fatal blows at their hated enemy Sony and are champing at the bit for when they get to publish their 6/10 'review.'

When all the people who are getting their hands on the game are raving about the amazing gameplay and seeing the very same amazing gameplay with their own eyes in direct feed live footage the fact that a bunch of angry and bitter Xbots in the media are desperately trying to trash the game is nothing but sad and pathetic sideshow.

Harold_Finch1413d ago

Oh just quiet down, this is the 1000th pointless childish, stupid fanboy rivalry comment i've seen today.

Harold_Finch1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Oh just quiet down, this is the 1000th pointless childish, stupid fanboy rivalry comment i've seen today.

Gamespot are Xbox fanboys, now i've read everything. Just grow up you twonk.

It's posted twice by accident but i think having it twice emphasises just how stupid these comments are.

Xbox_Z_best1413d ago

Have you seen your comments harold?

You are no saint either. So stop calling
Others fanboys when you yourself are one.

FanboyKilla1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

imho it looks more boring to play than before. maybe psx they let the cat out the bag. still iinterested. ill give them the rope.

after seeing mgs online, the order was very disappointing.

cannon88001413d ago

ready at dawn confirmed that they are going to have a
30+ minute long demo.

crashbash1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

29 mins will be taken up by (in game) cutscenes that are in game. The cutscenes are in game. Nothing is pre-rendered, the cutscenes are in game.

Everything you see is in game. Including the cutscenes, which are in game.

Did I tell you that nothing is pre-rendered, it's all in game. So even when you're not playing it, although you're not playing it, it's in game.

And even though you're not playing it when those in game cutscenes are being shown you are really playing it because those in game cutscenes are actually based on your star sign and those star signs are being shown in cutscene form, in game.

Your soul will be the final cutscene. In game.

cannon88001412d ago

that was pretty dumb dude.

-Foxtrot1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I don't get why so many people say The Order dosen't have any exciting gameplay when games like COD, Assassins Creed and even bloody Mario have the same types of gameplay and have done them for years.

The Order is taking the third person cover shooter gamepaly we all know and adding this really interesting neo Victorian theme to it.

People are really nitpicking this one. Watch people get hyped for Assassins Creed Victory despite being the same AC game we all know and after Unitys horrible launch.

ger23961412d ago

Because it's a ps4 exclusive.

freshslicepizza1412d ago

if this was an xbox one exclusive you would be singing a different tune. nothing aside from the pretty graphics is interesting. i saw the latest demo and all the main character did was say "reloading", "clear", "reloading" all while looking like it ran 20 frames per second. it reminds me so much of ryse (which i'm sure you praised thoroughly right foxtrot?). beautiful graphics all covering up poor gameplay and quick time events and dumb ai enemies.

Chard1412d ago

I was cringing at all of those 'press x to make your character kick that guys arse' moments. Just give us a melee button and let it happen in real time ffs.

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Rimeskeem1413d ago

I'm seeing to different opnions for the gameplay.

Some say its solid and lets the game be more immersive.

others say its more generic.

NegativeCreep4271413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

A better question would be "Is The Order: 1886 a case of 'you're damned if you do and you're still damned if you do better'?"

This sort of unusual pessimism is very strange because I would think that a new IP like The Order would be given a bit more optimism. But then again it could all just be sour grapes from anti-PS4 cyber soldiers though.

GameDev11413d ago

What I read doesnt sound like more than 30 minutes of gameplay

It just described the onstage footage

maniacmayhem1413d ago

Looks good to me, this and No Man's Sky and especially Street Fighter 5 are the reasons I will get a PS4 this holiday.

HeavenlySnipes1413d ago

The game doesn't look that fun at all

Apparently a long demo will be playable today so we can see more but I've yet to be impressed by anything they've shown. Critics that've played it echo the sentiments that the gameplay is bland but it looks nice

SardoNumspa1413d ago

You're trying to hard.

Give it a rest.

HeavenlySnipes1413d ago

Trying to hard at what? I'm posting my opinion of what I've seen thus far.

Its trying to hard if you say anything that isn't positive?

ger23961412d ago

Good thing I can think for myself, I'll be the judge about the quality of the game come February.

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