New PlayStation Experience No Man's Sky Footage Shows Just How Big it is

This morning at the PlayStation Experience Keynote, No Man's Sky made an appearance to brag about its size.

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nicksetzer11413d ago

I can definitely see this being GOTY.

Dee_911413d ago

Been hooked on this since e3, not sure about goty imo but its definitely a contender.I'm looking forward to Dying Light too

nicksetzer11413d ago

Yea, dying light is going to be amazing if it plays as good as it looks.

GhostTurtle1413d ago

Totally. Can't wait to play this.

3-4-51413d ago

The most important thing about No Man's Sky is that it's going to, and already has, sparked the imagination of current Video Game developers.

3-5 years from now, you will see a significant No Man's Sky influence on certain games and genres.

NOT JUST this game, but others too.

Just thinking about....ex: 3-4 years AFTER launch, you could still find new planets to explore.

Godmars2901413d ago

Don't know whether to call this a poor man's or PS4's Star Citizen.

rebeljoe141413d ago

Much better than suck citizen

Live_Larry1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Star Transaction?

Wanted to give it a try, until I saw it's pure pay to win, with ships/packaging costing as much as 10 000USD!

Makes Ubi and EA microtransactions look innocent!

Perjoss1413d ago

Ah, I see you have made the rookie error of using the word 'micro' when talking about EA and Ubi in game purchases.

Some are priced higher than the actual game itself, fun times!

telekineticmantis1413d ago

Dude even on PC, with the beastly rig thatll be necessary for Star Citizen, it in no way plays better than No Man's Sky. Even from a visual perspective No Man's Sky, is the best space exploration game coming, due to the out of this world art design. Right now this game seems to own everything, not just Star Citizen, so you should take no offense to that. You think just because they both feature some sort of Space exploration, they are in the same class? Don't be so simple, I'm not one for hype but right now you are witnessing experiences, gamers and game creators have been dreaming of since the early 90's maybe earlier, because I'm only in my 30's but No Man's Sky is one of (maybe two of)those "Imagine if" conversations we had as kids, coming to fruition... if it works...

Godmars2901413d ago

I hold no love of Star Citizen. Thought it was "nice" when I first heard about, but by now it should be well obvious to anyone who literally hasn't bought into it that its a money sink.

Still, as remotely as the two are related, especially in terms of accessibility, they are still related.

the_dark_one1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

ok just one note there: No Man Sky its a small team 4 or 5(maybe more not sure now), Star citizen a larger team with over 65million dollar in crowd funding, sooooo ya, poor attempt at trolling, better luck next time

Tsar4ever011413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

You would need a high-end gaming PC with dual Titan GPU's to be able a have a space sim adventure *with the hi-fi graphic fidelity of Star Citizen & Elite Dangerous" that you could travel vast distances in space to varied planets and be able to land on them and get out your ship and walk around and do stuff like in NMS.

The only reason this can be done on NMS is that the graphics polys is low-end, no ware near as high-end as shown on Star Citizen & Elite Dangerous so the graphics won't hardly stress the PS4's gpu power.

Funny thing is that what you are able to do in No Man's Sky's is exactly what BOTH Star Citizen & Elite Dangerous is mostly aspired to be like at it's final reditions

cyril sneer1413d ago

Lol what so your saying star citizen will be more like NMS when it is finished you do realize in star citizen you will be able to do more than just explore you can get into massive space battles do trading visit planets and their cities first person action,space racing and much more.

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Eonjay1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I mean, it's huge. Like bigger than any game ever. Like bigger than every game, combined.

UbiquitousClam1413d ago

I'm starting to become skeptical of this game, It looks great and technically it sounds mind boggling, but they have yet to really show or explain what you actually DO in this game.

nicksetzer11413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Exploration is it's goal. Sure they may add other things to do, but exploring an entire limitless universe teeming with life is just relaxing, exciting and frankly just sounds fun.

bananaboats1413d ago

I dunno, it looks nice but just to sit here and explore planets just to see things move isn't my cup of tea. The excitement on this has died for me

Eonjay1413d ago

Exploration is one of the goals. The ultimate goal is to gather resources to upgrade your ship to find the secret at the center of the galaxy. They did however say that they wanted the exploration and play style to be left up to the players. This means you can choose to explore, cause trouble or make money by mining resources. There is also a lore at the heart of No Man's Sky to uncover related to ancient structures left by some ancestor race.

nucky641413d ago

they said during the show that they'd be showing a much larger chunk of gameplay tonight - did you listen to the show?

Antifan1413d ago

You make your own objective. That simple. If you need hand - holding throughout a entire, well this isn't the game for you.

Rapture131413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I think people just want to know what you can really, actually do. We fly, we explore, we look. What else? Can we mine, shoot, build, dig, talk, make alliances, chase/hide from people and things, put our own stamp on the world, etc.

What tools will we have to make our own experience?

xActionBasturdx1413d ago

Really the game is about exploration of the universe but I do recall the end game is to reach a black hole in The middle of the universe

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MasterCornholio1413d ago

I knew it was big but I wasn't expecting it to be that big.


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