New Until Dawn Gameplay Debuts at PlayStation Experience

This morning at the PlayStation Experience Keynote, Super Massive Games came on stage to showcase new gameplay footage from Until Dawn.

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ABizzel11414d ago

I'm shockingly impressed by this game, and I don't know why. I loved Heavy Rain, still haven't played Beyond even though it's sitting right in front of me, and loved TWD, so I know I should like it.

I guess it's just the thought of being able to try your luck in a horror movie, like Scream.

I'm picking this one up if the story's good and cheesy XD

ChrisChambers1414d ago

I'm actually hoping the story is an over the top cheesefest. Sure it can try to be serious, but there's enough serious horror games out there. I'd like it to be like Scream, scary but not taking itself too seriously. Have some scares, some gore, a few laughs, and the ability to make terrible decisions just because you want to see what will happen

yarbie10001414d ago

Looks really good. Feminazis are gonna freak out and call Target & Kmart tho...#RapeSimulator #GirlInDistress

PeaSFor1414d ago

in the same time they will buy 50 shades of grey....

LightDiego1414d ago

Looks really interesting, a great surprise.

showtimefolks1414d ago

This game IMO stole the show and it made it more special with crowd interaction

Awesome game can't wait to play it

Spinal1414d ago

Agreed, Surprisingly this game stole the show for me.

I was also hoping to see the new God of War... bah well.

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The story is too old to be commented.