Killing Floor 2 coming to PS4

TripWire Interactive is coming to consoles for the first time with Killing Floor 2 for PlayStation 4.

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nucky641410d ago

this looks like great, high-octane kick-assery!!! this show has barely started and it's already insanely good.

Tsar4ever011410d ago

MMEEHHHHH! Looks pretty generic to me. I'll pass.

HaveAsandwich1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

lol you so mad

nucky641410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

what doesn't look generic to you? serious question - give me a game in this genre that you love which makes say this looks "generic"

Sharky2311410d ago

Sometimes it's not about looks!

Snookies121410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Hmmm, I take it you never played the first Killing Floor. The game is tons of fun, and if the first was anything to go by this one will be too. I actually liked Killing Floor much more than Left 4 Dead.

Nothing 'meh' about this one.

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SPAM-FRITTER-1231410d ago

It will be a great game if anything like the first.

Although it may struggle on PS4 with it being heavily based on mods. 200 MP Co-op against thousands of zombies and boss's that have had stupid costumes modded on are wicked.

TheGreatGamer1410d ago

A more brutal L4D, hopefully it comes to xbox one too

nucky641410d ago

I think it is. I thought I heard him say it would debut on ps4 first so I figure it's coming to x1 too!

SPAM-FRITTER-1231410d ago

Not so much like L4D as it is kind of arena based. No real story just seeing how long you can last the waves.

nucky641410d ago

sounds fun. does it go by rounds and can it be 2,3,4 player teams?

SPAM-FRITTER-1231410d ago

It's a PC game so doubt you will be getting exclusivity.

And why do you hope it stays PS4 only. Sad attitude towards gaming.

TheGreatGamer1410d ago

It's great that PS4 owners are getting it but why do you hope other gamers can't enjoy it

DirtyLary1409d ago

Did the x1 sleep with your mom?

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The story is too old to be commented.