New Bloodborne PS4 Gameplay Debuts; Procedurally Generated Dungeon Showcased

During PlayStation Experience’s initial Keynote Sony Computer Entertainment an From Software introduced new gameplay of Bloodborne, showcasing an area named the Chalice Dungeon.

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ashen1221501d ago

this bloodborne trailer was epic 100+ hour game no doubt

snookiegamer1501d ago

Bloodborne was totally awesome, as a PS4/Wii U gamer I'm kinda hoping they got more for day 2, 'cos day 1 wasn't incredible IMO ;/

Forn1501d ago

This is going to be THE game for me in 2015, and there's a lot of greatness packed into that year too. Going to be soooo sweet.

Kingscorpion19811501d ago

So this game has online co-op?

Blackleg-sanji1501d ago

Yes tho im not sure if you can control who you are co oping with.

Nicaragua1501d ago

They have already said that the co-op isnt like the souls series in that you can choose people from your friends list.

vickers5001501d ago


Link please? If true, then I may consider getting this game.

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