Evidence Suggests Zelda U is a Prequel or Sequel to Skyward Sword

Zelda Informer: "Awhile back a good friend of ours, Branden Casper, presented a nice editorial analyzing the reveal of Zelda U at E3 2014 and suggested the game could be a prequel to Skyward Sword. His basis mostly stemmed from Link’s garb and the technology presented. Now that we’ve seen more of the game I’m not inherently sure the game is a prequel, but I am positive that it is related to Skyward Sword in some fashion.

There were things going on before Skyward Sword happened. This was referenced in the opening scenes of the game and since the hero’s clothes were supposedly based off Loftwing riders from the Skyloft Academy, Link not rocking his traditional garb could mean theoretically that this Link is before that garb became tradition. We have some new footage and I find it neither proves nor disproves Branden’s thoughts, but it does solidify that this game relates to Skyward Sword in some fashion."

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Metallox1410d ago

Plot twist: You ned to be a scientist to figure out that.

Rute1410d ago

Just what I was thinking. How can a game in a series be something other than sequel or prequel? (or perhaps there are simultaneous-quels or parallel-quels)

MSBAUSTX1410d ago

How can it be a prequel if they already have the sail in the teaser gameplay? If it is directly related to Skyward Sword then it will be a sequel.

BosSSyndrome1410d ago


Geekman1410d ago

You know, technically, we still haven't gotten Zelda 3. (The sequel to Zelda 2 in the decline timeline.)

Summons751410d ago

I'm willing to be either sequel to Skyward Sword or a farther title down the Wind Waker timeline

AD7051410d ago

I hope not because skyward sword was the worst zelda game in the franchise.

higgins781410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

No, it really wasn't. I've finally gotten it, gamers i.e the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' don't want any innovation, change or shift in pattern from what has gone previous...just look at it. Games like GTA, Assassins Creed and COD continue to tell in huge numbers while games such as Skyward Sword (for example) get cited as poor, simply for not following near exactly what has gone previous. Skyward Sword was for me just the breath of fresh air the Zelda franchise required at this point. I'm just sad to see Zelda U not using the Motion Controls again - at least once more, though Ive no doubt the game itself played on the Gamepad will be a marvel.

These are the same people who didnt like Resident Evil 4 for not sticking to outdated/clunky controls of past.

randomass1711410d ago

I think there is some irony since a lot of people say Nintendo changes so little. Skyward Sword was one of the most unique games I ever played, next to ICO and The Binding of Isaac.

remixx1161410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

My issue with skyward sword wasn't the stray from the norm, my issue with it was the small over world and tedious back tracking.

Lanayru desert was drab and kinda thrown together, as well there wasn't much to do in the world above the clouds because there wasn't a lot of islands ( I was kinda expecting some the size of wind waker), and the fact that you couldn't go anywhere at night kinda sucked to.

I know it seems like I'm being nit picky but the game just seemed basic to me, small world plus not much to do outside of story makes for a meh experience.

The game had an amazing story and the best Zelda villian ever, ghirahim was the truth.

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