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Relientk771413d ago

I am so excited for this

my jaw was dropping half the time during this gameplay

the gameplay is AMAZING

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chaldo1413d ago


jmd7491413d ago

This is my number one anticipated game for 2015, followed closely by, Witcher3, Evolve, The Order, Bloodborne, and MGS5. 2015 is going to be an awesome year, I only hope I can afford it...

tuglu_pati1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Maybe its because all past UC look so good, besides the character models I though this wasn't a huge leap on the graphics department .

chaldo1413d ago

idk man.. the water.. the waterfall.. the grass, leaves.. it just looked very realistic imo.

tuglu_pati1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


It definitely look better than the past UC i just think it wasn't a huge leap, but taking into account the past UCs look so great i guess is understandable plus this is 1080p/60FPS (at least the final product will be or that's what ND said) which is impressive.

Found this post on GAf which i think is interesting,

1) Foilage was the big graphics point in this demo. Everything else looks like an upgrade from UC3 -- sharper textures, more frames per animation, more on screen.

2) Framerate is NOT going to be a locked 60fps from the looks of it. The game seemed to have unlocked the framerate but you can clearly see it struggling in alot of the scenes based on camera view.

3) I love the transition animations.. They looked great!

4) Nothing high tech can be seen in this video.. no realtime GI, no volume lighting, no volume smoke, no tessellation, no POM, SSR are non-existant, etc.

5) Good particles though for explosions. Nice 2D smoke effects.

Overall, I expected more based on the hype.

Concertoine1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Seeing it in 60 fps is the biggest difference. Also... dat vegetation.

The shooting setpieces look a lot more engaging and dynamic which i like since i've honestly always felt the shooting mechanics of uncharted were not its strong suit.

Also the enemy AI seems more intelligent (the way they check on their friends) which is also good since i think TLOU underdelivered on the promise of its AI.

ABizzel11413d ago


It's because they looked so good, and this game is open-world aiming for 60fps, and still 1 year away yet already looks this good.

Ballsack1413d ago

@tuglu ...this game has a year left of development...

Let that scary thought sink in

fr0sty1413d ago

Don't forget the better lighting, all while running at double the resolution and possibly double the framerate too.

Greyfoxdbz1413d ago

are you kidding? the foliage, the water, textures. Everything. Everything looks just so great even through compressed youtube footage. They have also taken what they learned with the last of us in terms of shooting mechanics, which is brilliant and the game looks more like Indiana Jones than ever. Wasn't that excited before this.

starchild1413d ago

Yeah, but you have to admit, that vegetation looks absolutely amazing. The way the light reflects off of it, they are clearly using physically based rendering.

Volkama1413d ago

I'm actually not generally a big fan of naughty dog's gameplay, and this carries several signs of the same kind of gameplay elements that don't fit my tastes. But visually it looks superb. Quality texturing, foliage and such natural lighting makes it look like they have achieved a whole new benchmark in visual fidelity.

u got owned1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


This game is not an open world, maybe it has more open areas than other UC games, but to say its an open world its no accurate. GTA5, AC:Unity, Sunset Overdrive to name a few are open worlds, the scope of this games world are huge compared to what UC will have.

Farmassy1413d ago

I have to agree with you. The Order has better graphics to me. Of course uncharted still looks great and the gameplay will be top notch

vickers5001413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


Watching it on Twitch on my ps4 internet browser, I'd have to agree with you. For the first few seconds, I wasn't sure if what I was seeing was Uncharted 4 or the hopefully-it'll-be-announc ed Uncharted collection. The waterfall effects of hitting that rock looked kind of crap in my opinion, not that I have something fresh in my mind to compare it to, but just watching it did nothing to impress me in the slightest.

Maybe they just didn't show one of their best levels, but the graphics that were shown simply weren't the slightest bit impressive to me, though again, I was watching a Twitch stream (which is going to be compressed) and it is in the early stages of development, so we'll see, it will probably get better, but unless it gets MUCH better, I don't see this being as big of a leap as Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 2 was.

If the framerate IS going to be 60fps as said below, then that may be the reason why.

I did think sliding gunplay and rope swing scenes were really cool though.


Where does it say that this game is open world? I hadn't heard that, if so, really cool.

BlackCountryBob1413d ago

when I played tlou on ps4 I thought it looked no different to the PS3 version but when I went back, it was a huge improvement but the original was very good at delivering a great environment which my mind filled in. UC4 is a huge upgrade graphically but in a way looks like how you remember the other games rather than how they were.

Looks amazing though, surprised how many tlou mechanics have been borrowed but love that they seem to have tried to open the environment and give a more 3d game environment as it was sometimes too easy in previous games to hunker down somewhere and mow down wave after wave of enemies.

pabsis1413d ago

having worked in gaming in the past, the one thing that just blew me away about this demo was not the framerate or character models etc... it's the fact that you can take a screen capture of any frame in this demo and it looks like a beautifully painted piece of concept art.. the lighting, colors as well as the highly stylized settings were just phenomenal and that's what sets Naughty Dog apart from most developers out there

RealtorMDandDC1412d ago

In a sense I do agree UC always looked beautiful. But this looks amazingly beautiful and it'compressed. I can't imagine what it looks like in person.

To say the footage is not in the realms of spectacular will be doing reality an injustice.

I'm impress!!! The third game so far that really looks like a True Next Gen game.....and all three so far will be on my PS4 before years end. Back to playing ALL MY GAMES on my PS4.....

souljah451412d ago

This demo is pre-alpha so there's still alot of work to do

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Pogmathoin1413d ago

Does look incredible, Uncharted was already almost flawless, all this needs is Fallout addictiveness and your set for gaming bliss, cannot think of anything that can be improved upon....

kenshiro1001413d ago

Hollllly graphics Batman.

This game looks incredible and it isn't even finished yet.

starchild1413d ago

Hell yeah. This was my most anticipated game for the PS4 and this footage didn't disappoint me. This game is one of the main reasons I got my PS4 and now it feels real and I just can't wait to play it.

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Magicite1413d ago

its like ''tomb raider meets assassin's creed'' in other words - awesome!

Genuine-User1413d ago

Simply spectacular. Characters, graphics, animation and enemy AI combined makes Uncharted 4 a dream come true for action adventure fans.

jc121413d ago

Wow, can you imagine a sequel to TLOU looking like this, if not even than this in the future? Excellent job ND, truly looks next-gen to me.

jc121413d ago

*Even better than this*

RealtorMDandDC1412d ago year at E3...Internet shuts down for 15 mins.

holin41413d ago

Looks damn good! just as expected from ND
By the way im an Xbox fan, thinking on getting a ps4 for this game... and the order
2015 EPIC

callahan091413d ago

Hot DAMN this game looks incredible!

fermcr1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I like the Uncharted series, but after the reveal teaser they had, I expected Uncharted 4 graphics to look better then this.
Graphics look good... but they didn't WOW me.

As for gameplay, looks solid... with some similarities to Tomb Raider.

etownone1412d ago

I'd have to agree with you 100%....

But still, uncharted 4 is the best looking console game to date Imo

3-4-51413d ago

This game looks awesome. Never played an uncharted game before, but this makes me want to play them all.

FanboyKilla1413d ago

calm down sony fans, you kind of brought this on yourselves. remember watchdogs? acu? dont worry though uc4 looks amazing, and im not talking about the visuals.

JWiLL5521413d ago

Everyone needs to watch the video over at Gamersyde without the typical Youtube compression, it's incredible.

x5exotic1413d ago

It's not that good, guys. Jesus.

indyman77771412d ago

@Cupid_Viper_3 you said:......"Oh man, you guys tried that same "Downgraded" crap with inFamous Second Son, and you all had to eat crow for that."

WELL SAID and good catch. I remember that. And now Second son in a recent article is leading for graphics of the year even though it has been out awhile (AND I STILL CAN'T stop playing it). PS Ryse did not make the top 10 in graphics. And I'm sure it did not make top 20 in game play.

geddesmond1412d ago

42 Disagrees lol. That means there is 42 cry babies jealous they bought the wrong system.

What I loved the most is the way it's now more open world with so many different routes to approach. The new combat moves and stealth moves were great and I loved how everyone reacted to their surroundings including Drakes silly jokes. And Drake has an older brother. Never knew that.

Most games at PSX meant nothing to me but the few that did, oh boy. SF5 PS4 Consol exclusive forever LMAO. I don't even like fighters that much but the way the media has been up in arms over it just confirmed what I have always said about the gaming media and their hidden hate for Sony. When it was TR for X1 all articles where about how Sony fans should relax that MS as helping them develop. But where are those types of articles for SF5 now lol.

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ABizzel11413d ago

Open World, Assassins Creed mechanics, Tomb Raider mechanics, all with Naughty God like quality with Uncharted base gameplay.

Another GOTY contender right here, and one of the first games this gen to truly impress me. Didn't expect this many new mechanics to the formula, even if they are in other games, and it still looks beautiful open-world, possibly 60fps, and still 1 year away from launch.

VonBraunschweigg1413d ago

It's not open world, the levels are just bigger then in previous games. Uncharted is so story driven it can't use open world gameplay, it needs to be played in levels.

And now they're bigger! With sooo many places to look for treasure:)

And I don't think this will be the last game in the series. The guy in the end called Drake his little brother, who knows we'll avenge hís death in Uncharted 5.

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THE-COMMANDER1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Oh man it's fast paced, breathtaking and the graphics blow my mind, man i can't wait!

PizzaSteve1413d ago

Watch Tomb Raider get delayed til 2016. No way can it compete with UC4.

ND did it again. They are the best.

faysal1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

how is it possible to have graphics like this! and it was all real time OMG! man i cant wait to get my hands on it. and the end just mind fucked me!

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