GameSpy: Mega Man Star Force 2: Zerker X Ninja/Saurian Review

GameSpy writes: "After six nearly identical Mega Man Battle Network games and one followup that was presumed to reboot the series (but didn't, really), is it any surprise that Mega Man Star Force 2 is pretty much the same game that Capcom has been churning out for the past seven years?

Picking up two months after the events of the previous Star Force title, we once again take control of Geo Stelar, the young boy who has befriended an alien named Omega-Xis (Mega for short). Mega is an FM-ian, an energy being that exists in the "EM Wave World," a sort of parallel dimension. By fusing with Mega, Geo becomes Mega Man and can enter the Wave World to battle viruses and enemy FM-ians. It sounds a bit confusing (and it kinda is), but it's pretty much the same setup as the real-world/cyber-world gimmick from the Battle Network games. This time around, Geo stumbles into a new adventure that pits him against a new enemy who intends to harness the power of an ancient civilization."

-Card-based battle system is fun
-It's a fairly long adventure

-It's nearly identical to the last game
-Battles aren't as challenging
-Fetch quest-filled story

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