7 New Female Batman Cosplay Pictures Surfaced

Here are the 7 brand new female batman cosplay snaps rolled out. Tequila Kyle is the Cosplayer and she always amazing takes that skill to a new level of quality with her latest work

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Stupid2508d ago

They should change the Cosplayer :p fat butt with fat peripherals hahahaha

Hamzaali2508d ago

Stupid i think you dont have visited the post yet, kindly go to post and than laugh like a fool huh :/

FullmetalRoyale2508d ago

And flip through four pages? I think not. But the woman in question(based on what little is presented on page one) is by no means fat.

jasminlenovo2508d ago

poor quality pictures like always , please i am saying again post quality pictures that make your post unique not worst

Hoffmann2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Awesome article, great writing, superb photos 10/10

would bang.

Hoffmann2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago ) is an "article" with one sentence.

And 7 mediocre cosplay photos on 4 pages.

I just ask myself why it was even approved here and so fast.

Perjoss2508d ago

Whoever did the layout for that website should stop and seek a different career path.