Dungeon Defenders 2 Devs Explain PS4 Exclusivity

Dungeon Defenders 2 will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive throughout 2015, its developer has revealed to GameSpot.

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DigitalRaptor1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

None of these devs need explain.

- PS4 has a significantly greater marketshare.
- Sony has no s**t stain policies that are a detriment to the developer.
- PS4 is now an established home for indies, where devs feel comfortable putting out their games knowing that they won't get screwed over.
- Their free-to-play games will actually be…. Free-to-play.

pedrof931414d ago

- Sony pays Indies Developers.

Rimeskeem1414d ago

They give them support, yes

pedrof931414d ago

- No one got my reference ! God DAMiT !

Earlier this week it was said that MS never pays the indie devs on time !

That's why said :

"Sony pays Indies Developers" ( on time )

Ezz20131414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Can't wait for the wrong excuse "Ps4 have no games"
to turn into
"Ps4 have way too much games and why this is a bad thing" articles

Remind me of other console last gen made fun off in it first year then it got nothing but games after games....i wonder what was that console ?!

Oh yeah....Ouya /s

DigitalRaptor1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Dude… Ezz, these people have goldfish memories I swear.

Every single PlayStation console in history has taken at least a year to get an amazing lineup going for it, because that's just how Sony plays their game. We didn't hate on PS1 or PS2 for having to wait a year for greatness. PS3 was a product of Sony's missteps so they kind had the criticism coming, but the same cannot be said for PS4.

PS4 is treading in the same footsteps as the PS1 and PS2, but certain people are too caught up in their love for the other console to see that, and would rather use the pathetic short-term logic that we've always expected from them.

We've already seen those articles about PS4 having "too many games" due to Sony's focus on supporting indie development. That moment has passed, but the desperate folks are still clinging on to it as a bad thing. When we see some of the fantastic RiME gameplay tomorrow, that will just continue to validate why the pursuit of the independent was worth it.

Off-topic: You have an incredible amount of bubbles. I'm impressed.

MasterCornholio1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Having to many games is a bad thing.

Cant you see that if we have to many good games to choose from we can all go broke. Dang it why cant you see that?

We could end up starving ourselves to death while we buy all sorts of incredible titles for our systems.

jokes aside im really getting irritated with all these idiots claiming that the PS4 has no games. Those people are probably not gamer to begin with because they are incapable of identifying games when they see them.

Daz1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Well things can change in time right?
But i never understand the people who say no games when there clearly is whatever system they play on.

Its Like you got a grudge over stupid people and defend a plastic box to the end.

Hopefully we see more soon at the PlayStation event starting very soon

amiga-man1414d ago

I actually love tower defence games, this ones a little different I'll be looking out for this one.

ShinMaster1414d ago

That's actually what Xbox gamers said about the PS2 lol

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sonic9891414d ago

You man are the exact copy of me at least with your logic and also your favorite game which rime extremely excited for this game.
I kept saying that remember the psone ps2 heck even ps3 but they still pretend like they know nothing lol at xbox last gen they a good first year then things dried up if it wasn't for 3rd parties the system would have had like 2 games and the two are kinect based lol.
Btw sega was pretty much like sony with slow starts but then they changed at the time of the dreamcast release and look how that turned out for them they ran out of fuel earlier

fermcr1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

"Dungeon Defenders 2 Devs Explain PS4 Exclusivity"

Simply put... Sony paid them.

Any other explanation they give is pure BS. Witch company in their right minds would simply ignore other gaming platforms, if not for $$$... unless they are intentionally trying to make less money.

DigitalRaptor1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Looks like you completely skipped over the strong logic and went to the first ridiculous thing that came into your head.

Sony is paying for first-party productions like RiME, WiLD, and The Tomorrow Children as well as massive games like Street Fighter V. They don't have the budget to pay for every single indie game that comes to PS4 exclusively. It makes no sense for them to pay for games like this, when they have reasons of their own to come to PS4, without being paid upfront.

It's exclusive, meaning that it's coming to PS4 first before any other consideration is made. It doesn't mean it won't come to Xbone later down the line. That seems to be what you're implying. There's nothing to suggest they can't make more money from Xbone if they choose to at a later date, if MS is willing to take them on board.

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jonboi241414d ago

I'm quit curious to see actually statistics in how successful free-to-play games are doing on consoles especially the PS4.

Vegamyster1414d ago

Why are they calling it exclusive to the PS4 when its available the PC right now?

Daz1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I don't get it either. They have good gaming pcs too don't forget :P /s

22CobraKing1414d ago

they say the same on for some games on xbox but it's also on pc

Vegamyster1414d ago

Usually they'll say something like console exclusive, saying it's a "PlayStation 4 exclusive" implies you can only get the game there.

22CobraKing1413d ago

Vegamyster, Yea they said Titanfall was Xbox exclusive but it was for pc too.

dragonyght1414d ago

i think they Meant console exclusive, yeah its a thing now

Speak_da_Truth1414d ago

Simple xbox players don't care for indies atleast that's what they make seem like.

Daz1414d ago

Yeap that's is true but i think some do like good indie games and there's plenty of cool ones out there.