New rumor speculates The Phantom Pain will release in June 22nd 2015

Following a lack of a much anticipated release date at The Game Awards 2014, a new theory has surfaced on the web. During the show, Kojima was wearing a t-shirt with Swedish text (partially obscured by his jacket). It was translated by a reddit user, and says the following: 22nd and the 6th. This could in turn be interpreted as the 22nd day of the 6th month, or in other words, June 22nd.

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Blackleg-sanji1413d ago

O dear lord my wallet cant handle it!!
February -the order, dragonballz xeno
march-battlefield hardline, bloodbourne and ff type o
April and may- not sure but im sure something

And now june- metal gear solid v and me

Nyxus1413d ago

It's just a rumor though, remember that. But yeah, 2015 is looking great already!

Blackleg-sanji1413d ago

Yea true at the very least we know it comes out sometime in 2015 summer would be great dont want yet another game for 2015 holidays

telekineticmantis1413d ago

Truth. From a very underwhelming beginning of this gen, to what could possibly be one of the most exciting years in gaming, Zelda, Starfox, Uncharted, Bloodbourne, Witcher, Batman,Battlefield Hardline, Metal Gear, Kingdoms under fire, possibly Star Citizen, also possibly VR and I'm starting to believe, even though I didn't think it was possible, but we might get No Man's Sky next year. This is one of the rare times you'll see me this optimistic, realistically, next year will be filled with delays...

Meltic1413d ago

double work ? I work doubl shifts Always if i know there is many games coming =). I just ask my boss

Harold_Finch1413d ago

OOH a rumour......

(!) smh

goldwyncq1413d ago

Come on, don't make me choose between this and Arkham Knight.

Ashunderfire861413d ago

Get both games I know I would all on PS4, damn I got to get a 5TB drive for PS4,X1, and Wii U LOL!

bigboss201413d ago

I would be pissed off if this is true because I was hoping this would release about February march time like ground zeros did.. June is 6 months away :/ this game is taking ages!

Mega241413d ago

A summer release would be great, MGSV and Batman wont make the summer look so dry.

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The story is too old to be commented.