One year of PS Plus for £34.19. You won't find cheaper.

Dealspwn writes: I've been looking for a new PS Plus deal for ages and this is the best online price I've seen, even without the 5% off as most sites (including eBay) are sticking to £40. I was hoping for a bigger discount around Black Friday, but to be honest, this is the best price I've seen all year.

To get 5% off (normal price £35.99), just like the site's facebook page. If you're not redirected to a code, try this link. Tablet and mobile users may have to tell their device to look for the desktop version of the site to get it to work. If you've already used this trick before, just unlike the page, like it again and pop your email address in the box that appears and a code will appear on-screen.

This is an essential purchase for new PS4 owners as you need it to play games online. The main benefit to membership is a regular plethora of free games though. One membership covers PS4, PS3 and Vita and there are loads of freebies on them too. This is a great last minute present or one for any new Sony console owner. The code will be emailed to you straight away and is stackable on top of any existing membership.

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DigitalRaptor1416d ago

With any luck, it may be cheaper.

I got 2 years of PS+ for only £39.99 - and that will last me up until August 2015.

bggriffiths1416d ago

I've been keeping my eye out all year and it's a bit sad this is the best I've been able to find. I think last year I used the same facebook code trick. My PS Plus expires on the 27th, so I may just have to get this one. Beginning to think the deals are thinning out now, especially for games. Console deals seem pretty hot still.

DigitalRaptor1416d ago

For £34.19, I still think you're still getting some great value back on your subscription, but it would be nice to find some amazing deals on PS+.

olLANDSHARKlo1416d ago

They should start giving loyalty discounts, I been with them since the beginning. Xbox live I have not paid more than $45 for a sub, and the last 3 yrs. it's only cost me $30 yr.

Tapani1415d ago

PSN Japan has 15 months for 27.5GBP (5200yen) offer at the moment. Almost all of the western games have full English support and the games are the same or better than in the US/EU PS+.