5 PS4 games that would cause pandemonium at the PS Experience

PSU writes:

"The PlayStation Experience is nearly upon us. Here's 5 games that would cause outright pandemonium at Sony's event if they were to show up."

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scark921414d ago

Umm, I do not think the Dark Sorcerer is an actual game but it is just a tech demo itself just like KARA was..

I am surprised you mention this game but not The Last Guardian!? or Agent?

TheLyonKing1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Last guardian
shenmue hd collection
kh timed exclusive or ff 15 timetimed
Squares new rpg exclusive
half life 3 exclusive

These are things that cause pandemonium. Those said in the article will just make people happy.

DigitalRaptor1414d ago

Uncharted 4 gameplay still would. But I agree with your list.

A Shenmue announcement would send me into a fit of absolute joy!