PSX Extreme: Wall-E Review

PSX Extreme writes: "It always pains me to watch an amazing movie like WALL-E and then subject myself to playing its videogame counterpart, only to be absolutely unimpressed. Truth be told, I actually played WALL-E days before seeing the movie, and I found it to be no different than other movie-to-game adaptations. The biggest problem with these movie-based games is that they're developed on a very, very constricted timeline, and so developers never have enough time to create a proper experience. WALL-E is no different, as the game does nothing to make you feel like you're a part of the movie, not even the least bit.

The story of WALL-E revolves around the little robot that was left on an abandoned Earth. Due to hazardous conditions, the Earth we live on today is evacuated by everyone, and instead the human race settles on floating mega-ships in outerspace that can house hundreds of thousands. WALL-E is a waste management robot, as his name is actually an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class. As the humans fled Earth, everything was shutdown, except for WALL-E, who managed to stay active. All alone on the Earth for hundreds of years, WALL-E develops a 'glitch' of sorts - a personality. He discovers that there is more to life than being a mindless drone, and love is his new directive."

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